Monday, November 1, 2010

One day before polls open, Strickland annoys commuters...

Moments ago I was wondering where Strickland had been all day. After all, Team Strickland has been quiet all day.

Then I found this article in the Toledo Blade describing his day.

His sad, sad day.

For example...
Mr. Strickland, speaking to about 30 people at the local Laborers' hall in Lorain, Ohio, said Mr. Kasich has reacted to his narrowing lead in the polls by complaining about the tone of the campaign.
Even big labor seems to have shrunk to tiny labor a day before election day.

He also spent some time at a well traveled train stop...
The governor greeted commuters passing through the Regional Transit Authority's train stop under Cleveland's Tower City building, shaking hands for about an hour. RTA officials said about 35,000 people pass through the train station every day. 
While the Governor could expect plenty of support in Democrat central, he didn't make everyone happy.
One man passing through the train station jumped away and threw up his hands when the governor tried to greet him. That man could not be stopped for comment.
And the desperation depicted in this photo speaks for itself...


  1. Meanwhile, John Kasich need someone to show him how to vote...

    Keeling, you're a guy who two weeks ago said Strickland was stuck at 42%...

    A week ago, you said he was stuck at 45%.

    You said the gun issue didn't matter. Then you said the OEC complaint had merit. Wrong on both accounts.

    Of course you condemn retail politics, because John Kasich would never be caught dead not appearing to pre-screened audiences.



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