Friday, November 26, 2010

I'll take "Headlines that won't help in two years" for $400, Alex.

Bill Johnson beat Charlie Wilson.

Unfortunately for soon-to-be former Congressman Wilson, he isn't taking his loss too well.

Today, the Youngstown Vindicator published a scathing column detailing their futile efforts to chat with Wilson. It read like a boy desperately trying to get in touch with the girl that wronged him. But in this case, it was the boy that looked pathetic.
Again, no one likes to lose. But when you lose, it’s important to be professional, not act like a spoiled kid who’s taking his ball home because he didn’t like the outcome of a play.

Despite its length — eight years in the Ohio House, two years in the state Senate and the past four in the U.S. House — Wilson’s political career was hardly impressive or inspiring. But Congress and state Legislatures throughout the country are filled with politicians just like Wilson.

Wilson is best known nationally for failing to get at least the required minimum number of signatures, only 50, on his nominating petitions in the 2006 Democratic primary, spending a lot of money because of the mistake, winning a write-in campaign in the primary against two opponents, and then capturing the congressional seat.

I’ll remember him best as a sore loser.
Now it's possible Wilson may try to take his seat back from Wilson in a couple years. But with headlines like this one, those chances just got a little more slim.

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