Friday, November 12, 2010

The 3BP 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination poll - Version 4.0

Last time we did this, Mitch Daniels came in first place with 24% of the vote, followed by Chris Christie with 17% and Mitt in a distant third with 11%.

Well, now that the midterms are over and the 2012 season has officially begun, it means it's also time to give this poll another go and see how things have changed.

Obviously, this poll is far from scientific, but it's an interesting sampling of the kind of activists that care enough about politics to pay attention to current events and the power players currently maneuvering for the nomination.


  1. Are you leaving Ron Paul out to be deliberately provocative, or does it just not occur to you to include the only candidate who has read the Constitution and knows anything about economics

  2. 'only candidate who has read the Constitution and knows anything about economics'? Keep dreaming, and have fun at the Paul-Larouche Crazy Convention

  3. Keep being ignorant - Larouche is an economic nationalist - to the extent that his ravings indicate a discernible policy - and Paul is a Libertarian. Sneering isn't an argument, it is how ignorant people paste over arguments they cannot successfully make

    Furthermore, if voting for Paul makes you a crazy Larouchite, I guess the majority of CPAC voters were all Larouchite crazies, huh? After TARP and the bailouts, I would think Republican primary voters might like a break from corporatism and central planning. Your going to get that from Romney, maybe?

  4. If Paul is a Libertarian, why should he be included in the poll?

  5. Ron Paul should be included. He does represent a fraction of the party. He represents his district as a Republican and is a legitimate candidate. It is up to the voter to make a choice, not a person making a poll.

    My Man Mitch.

  6. Henry, it's my poll so I can include whomever I wanted.

    That said, Ron Paul was an option. Anyone could have chosen "other" and written in their own choice.

    I did not include him in the main list of contenders because he has proven time and time again to not be a serious contender for the nomination.


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