Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today is the day we can make a difference.

Ohio has had enough spineless leadership. Enough of putting politics before principle. Enough of Ted Strickland. Enough of Zack Space. Enough of Charlie Wilson. Enough of Mary Jo Kilroy.

Today is our Independence Day.

Let's go win this.

Be the wave.


  1. Do the Dew.

    No is not leadership. That's all you offered this election.

    Again, you blast Obama for referring to his political opponents as enemies while you do the same thing.

  2. Awww. I think you hurt Modern's sensibilities, DJT.

  3. Commenting on leadership? LOL.

    Pushing unfunded education reforms is not leadership.

    Kicking the budget can down the road is not leadership.

    Claiming you lowered taxes by following a GOP-led plan is not leadership.

    Cherry-picking "Green" jobs for tax breaks is not leadership.

    Failing to send your appointees to the Senate is not leadership.

    Failing to run on your record is not leadership.

    Had your been a leader, you could have run on your record.

    Leadership? LOL.

    Ted. Failed. Ohio.


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