Friday, November 19, 2010

Deadline: Spring

In the clearest indication yet that they are running, this week Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour said they would 'make their decision' to run by April or May of next year.

Barbour made a good point about the commitment he's about to make:
Barbour said his consideration includes whether he wants to spend the next decade, which for him amounts to the rest of his working career, involved in a single pursuit.

"This is all-consuming, somebody running for president of the United States. Running is the easy part. If you get it, you're talking about all-consuming. Do you want to give ten years of your life? Because you have to be prepared to do that," Barbour said. "You have to be prepared to run, win and serve two terms. Whether you end up succeeding or not, you have to be prepared to do that, and that's a very big commitment. You know, I'm 63 years old. So I'd spend the rest of my useful life essentially doing nothing but this. There's a lot to think about, because if you do it you owe the country to be in whole hog."
Indicating you have a deadline to decide might as well be throwing your hat in the ring.

Let the vetting begin.

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