Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obama cost Ohio State $80k

The purpose of the President's visit to Ohio State in late October was to help Ted Strickland and the rest of the Democratic ticket win on November 2nd.

It didn't work.

In fact, the big takeaway from the event was this hysterical quote from Ohio State's student newspaper.
"It got to the point that when Strickland was announced, the last person to go on before the Obamas, an audible groan rumbled through the crowd."

What's not funny was the cost of the event.

From the latest Lantern:
Nearly four weeks after President Barack Obama's campaign rally on Ohio State's Oval, the university is paying the price for hosting the event — literally.

The Democratic National Committee paid for many of the rally expenses, but OSU was left to pick up a tab of nearly $80,000.
And if the attendees had just picked up after themselves, they could have saved $16,000 in cleanup costs.


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