Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You have got to be joking.

Today we learned that Ohio will be receiving $88 million from the federal government(i.e. more of your tax dollars) to help pay the unemployment benefit costs that have skyrocketed since Strickland took office.

I got a kick out of the last paragraph in this article.
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland says the money will help families in need and stimulate the state's economy.
Governor Strickland, 12 months ago you had the General Assembly pass a $1.6 BILLION dollar stimulus for Ohio. Since then, we have lost 215,000 jobs under your watch.

$1,600,000,000. For -215,000 jobs.

And you think $88 million, minus what is used for unemployment benefits, is gonna "stimulate the state's economy"?

Ted Strickland is becoming a parody of himself.

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