Monday, September 26, 2011

Critical Union Staff Blog: "Page not found"

How much can you learn from a 404 "File not found" error? Plenty, when it replaces content critical of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) - written by OEA employees.

When I stumbled across the official blog of a union representing more than 100 OEA staff, I could hardly believe how its authors reamed - over the course of 2+ years - the selfish, dishonest, hypocritical leadership of We Are Ohio's biggest in-state donor.

In late August I began sharing quotes and context with readers of the Ohio sites I write for in my free time. By early September, years of union employees' entries had vanished down the memory hole. Like this gem from 08/29/2009, which used to be at the web address above:
OEA apparently does not care that it is rife with hypocrisy, adamant in taking positions it tells its local affiliates to fight at all costs, and shortsighted.
Unfortunately for We Are Ohio, I printed every page of the OEA staff union's blog to PDF a month ago. Here's the full source for that quote. And here's another example of what We Are Ohio doesn't want you to see (view PDF):
The truth of the matter is that OEA failed to bargain in good faith with PSU.  In fact, they wasted five bargaining sessions before even responding with a written counter-proposal.  Does that sound like collaborative leadership?
Like the first quote, this OEA staffer insight was publicly visible until I began asking why Ohio voters should rely on union bosses who can't be trusted by their own employees. Now...

Imagine, if you would, being paid heaps of public dollars to stand between elected officials and the voters who fund their operations. You don't actually do any of the things taxpayers need, but you have considerable power over how much those services cost - and how they are (or aren't) delivered.

The obvious brokenness of current Ohio law is why the unions created "We Are Ohio" in a desperate effort to market themselves as reg'lar folk. Senate Bill 5 threatens their cozy arrangement, and they plan to block reform using the usual tired lines about "solidarity" and "speaking for working people."

What do you think - should Ohio voters buy what We Are Ohio is selling?

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  1. Jason Hart is redundantly lazy.

  2. Yeah, we havent had a scathing "rich people shouldnt have to pay taxes" column in 2 weeks, guess he realized his narrative was beyond stupid...

  3. Wow Anonymouses, I'm really glad you get so excited about my pointless work that you return to make the same inventive comments every... single... time.

    Thanks for your worthwhile input.

  4. You're welcome, Lazy.

  5. Someone needs a lesson in reading comprehension. If your takeaway from "soak the rich" was that we dont think rich people should pay taxes, than YOU are beyond stupid.

  6. Anonymous commenter number 1: what's lazier than you making the same comment over and over?

  7. Jason, I thougt you might find this article interesting:


  8. How do you expected different comments to the same recycled post over and over again. Hart has milked a 10-day strike into months of pointless material.

    Now he's whining about some crazy "cover up" theory because an organization had the gall to put their information behind a membership wall. SCANDAL!

    Can't wait for his expose of the New York Times massive media coverup under their nefarious "paywall" project.

  9. Modern, I know you don't read before you break out the talking points, but I've included different quotes from the PSU blog with every post in the series. Years' worth of quotes from OEA employees, OEA members, and OEA bosses - which vanished in what you expect sentient beings to believe was a harmless coincidence. You keep saying it's all about the strike, when that is simply not the case.

    I've explained this, repeatedly, both in my posts and directly in response to your comments. It's almost as if you're here to do damage control for the Ohio Education Association because the Ohio Education Association dumps millions into the far-left causes you hold dear. Almost.


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