Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ohio's Message to Obama: "Go Away"

There's more news from Quinnipiac's poll of Ohio, as President Obama's approval rating hit a new low in the Buckeye State.  Just 42 percent of Ohioans approve of Obama's performance as President, down from 46 percent in July and 49 percent in May.

As his approval rating plummets, an even more alarming number to Democrats is rising: for the first time in Quinnipiac's polling of Ohio, a majority of Ohioans say Obama does not deserve to be re-elected.  51 percent said that, up 4 points from just two months ago.  That majority includes 53 percent of independents, and nearly 1 of 6 Democrats who feel their own party's President doesn't deserve a second term.

Things are just as bleak for Obama and his teleprompter in Pennsylvania.  There just 43 percent of voters approve of his job as President, and the same 51 percent majority of Pennsylvanians say Obama does not deserve a second term, including almost 1 of 5 Democrats.

It's a critical situation for the campaigner-in-chief.  It's been over 50 years since a Presidential candidate lost Ohio but still won nationally.  The never-ending visits by the President and Vice President Biden to Ohio underscore the fact that Obama likely cannot be re-elected without winning Ohio.  Despite four visits by the Obama-Biden duo to Ohio this month alone, he is more unpopular than ever.  With more visits to try and save a failing Presidency almost a sure thing, today's poll shows Ohioans have a message for Barack Obama:


  1. Ohio's message to the GOP: "You all suck!"

  2. Yes, Ohio really delivered that message in Nov. 2010.


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