Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ohio Democrats and unions new "Jim Crow" ad reaches a disgusting new low

Democrats have never been afraid to use the race card, but this is a new one. Senate Bill 5 and HB194 have nothing at all to do with race. But the union front group "We Are Ohio" and their Ohio Democrat lapdogs are airing a new radio ad that suggests that it is all about race.
As Democrats work to place Ohio’s Republican-backed elections law on hold through a referendum, they’re arguing that the measure is akin to poll taxes, grandfather clauses and other footnotes from America’s Jim Crow past.

But does the same argument apply to Senate Bill 5, the GOP-sponsored limits on collective bargaining for public employees that is currently subject to a referendum as state Issue 2 on the November ballot?

Democratic, labor and African-American leaders say yes.

We Are Ohio, the organized labor coalition seeking to repeal Senate Bill 5, is airing a radio ad that says “Gov. John Kasich and the Columbus politicians have passed two laws to take us back to the days of Jim Crow.”
Remember when we told you how the unions will say ANYTHING to hold onto their power? You're witnessing that right now. Listen to some of the ridiculous justification for this outrageous ad.
Today, numerous African-American community leaders defended the ad’s content.

“Collective bargaining was the voice people used to gain a voice in government,” said Rev. Harold Hudson of Calvary Tremont Missionary Baptist Church. “In a way, Senate Bill 5 does promote segregation because it takes away those rights. Both bills are Republican-designed programs that will hurt people who are underprivileged.
Public employees are NOT underprivileged, Reverend Hudson. They earn 43% more in total compensation than private sector workers, for one thing. They pay much less for their health care, and most have guaranteed pensions that private sector workers only dream of. So, explain to me just how public sector workers are "underprivileged." You can't. You just enjoy stoking the flames of racism.

Regarding HB194, you would think it was overturning women's suffrage or something, the way the Democrats talk about it. It reduces early voting to three weeks. For that, they call the bill "voter suppression" and now refer to it as a Jim Crow law, because three weeks is just not enough time to vote or something.

This ad is repugnant, and Ohio Democrats and unions should be ashamed that they have sunk so low. If they have to resort to these disgusting, negative and false attacks, how can anyone believe what they are saying about the bills at all?


  1. The fact that We Are Ohio is embracing this sick, twisted, vile and racist ad disqualifies them right off the bat. If they REALLY wanted to repeal SB5, do it on the merits of the argument. But it proves they never had one to begin with.

    If We Are Ohio guys REALLY is "winning," as they claim to be, then why are they throwing up such a racist ad now... right at the start of October?

    Is it to "run up the score?" Or is the talk of supposedly leads for the anti-SB5 crowd... I dunno... a mirage? (I think so, especially if internal polling possibly told them something they didn't like.)

    We Are Ohio doesn't deserve to win. I'd love it to see their reactions when the vote tallies uphold SB5.

    It's karma... ask LePunk about THAT. Lol.

  2. Race card = When you don't have the facts, pound the table.

  3. This is just race baiting tactics. The question is, are they doing this because they feel they must to win the vote, or is this just who they are these days?

    I have long held that America's liberals believe that their ends are so noble that they justify any means. Here we have a perfect example.

    Ethics are of no concern to liberals because in their view anything they do to advance their cause is "right".

    As I recall Ms Wasserman-Shcultz, that paragon of civility and common sense, used the jim crow term just a few weeks back. Perhaps she is now the trial baloon launcher for the left. If she says it once, let's look for it to be repeated soon and often!




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