Friday, September 2, 2011

Another "We Are Ohio" rally, another embarrassing fail. UPDATE: Audio!

Remember "Bringing Back Awesome"? As we shared with you last week, it was a statewide promoted rally for "We Are Ohio" that fell hilariously and embarrassingly flat. They claimed they had 25,000 people there. But they obviously lied, because their own photos show no more than a few hundred.

Well, yesterday, "We Are Ohio" held another rally to voice their opposition to reasonable reforms in Ohio's collective bargaining laws. Guess how many people showed up for it?

Three. No, I don't mean three hundred. I mean...THREE.

Organizers of the "We are Ohio" rally held Thursday at the Hancock County Courthouse had to be disappointed with the turnout. Only three people showed up.
One of the three people who showed up was even asked to, to the other two?
Barbara Kodor, administrative secretary for Findlay city Schools, was a little taken back Thursday, when she was asked to speak.

"I really just came here to listen," she said.

Maybe "We Are Ohio" needs to stop holding rallies. They are embarrassing themselves.

UPDATE: Check out the comments and audio from 2 of the 3 people at the rally.
Barb Kodor, a secretary for Findlay City Schools says the law will mean teachers will have to contribute more to health insurance and retirement.
Uh, yeah, Barb. But still not as much as most everyone else. So how is it unfair, again?


  1. anyone who needs yet another example of the media's liberal bias should follow the link to the news story that forms the basis for this blog entry.

    We get the emotional appeal (this will be a pay cut for folks who don't make much working at the schools) and a quote from a union thug.

    Not a word about taxpayers, school board members, the financial situation of the schools themselves or anything even remotely connected with the need to lower costs by rationalizing the labor expense.

    I sent the author an angry email but I doubt very much that I'll get a response.

  2. Oh I don't know. They couldn't be all that bad or they wouldn't have reported on how only 3 people showed up at this pathetic "rally". :-)

  3. So you still have not found attendance figures for the rally, right?

  4. I'll take that as a no, you haven't done your research, do not know, and are presenting opinion as fact.

  5. I'm sorry that the fact that the rally was a bust makes you cry. But that's not going to stop us from exposing We Are Ohio's lies.

    We have all the research we need. We have their claim of attendance, and we have dozens of pictures at the event that THEY posted. The pictures indicate a few hundred people. Not 25,000.

    The pictures do not lie. They show the facts.


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