Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First "Yes on Issue 2" TV ad is out

Good ad.

You should share this with your contacts. Now. :-)


  1. Of course, as everyone knows, Mike Bell lost his job as a firefighter prior to the collective bargaining reforms of 1983. So clearly if SB5 passes, and we go back to the way things were then, more firefighters will lose their jobs.

    Thank you for proving exactly why issue 2 should be voted down.

  2. Quinnipiac University
    32% In Favor
    56% Oppose
    12% Undecided

    Just face it, this thing is going down, and down hard

  3. Once again the lefties are counting their chickens before they hatch.

    Should more firefighters lose their jobs? Should the taxpayers have a valid seat at the bargaining table? What is so sacred about these folks that we should impoverish ourselves to enrich them?


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