Friday, September 9, 2011

OEA Employee: "They appear not to understand the basic concepts of collective bargaining"

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is We Are Ohio‘s biggest in-state donor and the largest government union in the state. For folks who trade in “solidarity” and take dues for their collaboration services, OEA bosses have a surprisingly awful relationship with their own employees.

Don’t believe me? Just last summer, OEA staffers represented by the Professional Staff Union (PSU) went on strike against the OEA.

Written on the middle striker's sign: "Because OEA sucks!"
Written on the middle striker’s sign: “Because OEA sucks!”
Yellow sign: Bad Faith + Bad Management = Consequences
Yellow sign: Bad Faith + Bad Management = Consequences

What’s more, PSU blog entries from summer 2009 tell a story similar to the one I’ve shared from summer 2010. In an OEA employee’s words, from a July 31, 2009 post [Update, 09-16-2011: Here's a PDF copy, since union staff blocked access to the website]:
Unfortunately, there was little or no movement on the part of OEA. They appear to not understand the basic concepts of collective bargaining. The PSU team attempted to get OEA to commit to present counter offers in the future. While OEA says “we are prepared to come with what needs to be done”, Larry Wicks (OEA Executive Director) refused to commit to any specifics.
It remains to be seen whether OEA will come back to the table with a real commitment to bargaining.
According to an OEA staff member, “they appear to not understand the basic concepts of collective bargaining.” Why should Ohio taxpayers trust the OEA with immense power over how public schools operate? Read the PSU blog for yourself – nearly every post reveals stunning hypocrisy on the part of the union bosses.

OEA employees can’t rely on the union, and neither should you – on November 8, empower taxpayers instead of union bosses. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

If you need it, there’s plenty more proof OEA should not be trusted.

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