Thursday, September 15, 2011

OEA Employee: "OEA apparently does not care that it is rife with hypocrisy"

A year ago the Ohio Education Association (OEA) forced more than 100 of its employees into a strike. Why should you care? Because the OEA is Ohio's largest government union, and the primary in-state donor to union front We Are Ohio.

Opposition to the reforms in Senate Bill 5 means support for the status quo, with union bosses wielding vast power over public funds. Would you hand a blank check to an HR consultant with miserable people skills? That is the effective result of Ohio's government union law, passed in 1983 on a party-line vote.

OEA Employees on Strike, Summer 2010

Though OEA employees most recently went on strike last summer, fights between the union and its staff represented by the Professional Staff Union (PSU) seem to recur each time the PSU contract expires. Here's what one OEA employee had to say in an August 29, 2009 PSU blog post titled "STRIKE VS. RESOLUTION: WHY DOESN'T OEA 'GET IT'?" [Update, 09-16-2011: Here's a PDF copy, since union staff have blocked access to the website]:
OEA apparently does not care that it is rife with hypocrisy, adamant in taking positions it tells its local affiliates to fight at all costs, and shortsighted. Perhaps the only interest of OEA's Bargaining Team is to "bring PSU to its knees". Be forewarned, those legs and knees are CARRYING OEA. If the work performed by members of PSU ends, OEA will undoubtedly topple very shortly afterward.
If the OEA management team truly cares about its members and the stability of the organization, it will bargain a fair settlement with its professional employees prior to September 1.
These are not my words, folks, or a quote from some sca-aa-ry Right to Work advocate. "OEA apparently does not care that it is rife with hypocrisy" - according to one of the union's own employees! On November 8, vote for sensible reforms to the power of government union bosses. Vote Yes on Issue 2.

If you need it, there's plenty more proof that OEA should not be trusted.

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  1. It is also important to note that the taxpayers fund the union's employees.

    In WI the teachers union just layed off 40% of its own work force. This is a response to the fact that the income to the union will be severly limited due to the new laws.

    But we can never forget that those folks who worked for the union were paid by the taxpayers. We have to continue to point out the massive burden on working people that is imposed by the greedy public service unions.

    the unions, of course, will try to talk about anything BUT the cost to the taxpayers. So we have to continue to hammer that message home.

    Am I sad that those folks lost their jobs? Not at all. They were paid to enable a huge scam on the taxpayers of WI.

    Further, we have to also hammer home the point about how the WI teachers union screwed the taxpayers by mandating that school districts buy health insurance for the teacher FROM the union. Once that became more difficult, once the boards could look elsewhere, the price quoted by the union plan dropped dramatically.

    the only conclusion we can reach from this is that the unions, like all parasites, didn't care about the health of the host, the taxpayers. They gladly sought to such them dry.

    Why allow that here in Ohio? The state will surely slide into a Michigan like stupor if the unions successfully reverse SB5.

  2. Can't wait for your next soak the rich column. Pulitzer!

  3. It's fascinating how you're milking a strike from a year ago that a year ago you didn't care about. I think you've actually written about this non-issue longer than the actual strike.

    Glad to see that you finally care about th plight of union workers in Ohio. Guess this means we can count on you to vote no on Issue 2.

  4. What's fascinating, Modern, is that you know what I was thinking last year! That's an impressive skill.

    Last fall the PSU strike against OEA was sad proof of union hypocrisy. This year it's sad proof of union hypocrisy that voters can act on. Thank your pals at We Are Ohio for me, would ya?

  5. I think Modern is asking a fair question. Where was all of the outrage a year ago Jason? Did you just not talk about it because it did not play into your talking points?


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