Friday, September 16, 2011

Union Workers Silenced!!!

This belated attempt at discretion – why would a union try to explain hypocrisy when they can purge records instead? – made my day:

Last month I stumbled across photos from last year’s strike against the Ohio Education Association (OEA), posted to Facebook by OEA employees. Suddenly remembering the ridiculous situation – OEA bosses crossed the picket line for days while roughly half the union’s employees protested – I did a little more searching.

What did I find? The website and blog of the Professional Staff Union (PSU), a union representing more than 100 OEA staff. On 08/24, I started posting quotes from OEA employees and members that should devastate any chance of We Are Ohio preaching down to taxpayers about what callous cheapskates we are.

Coincidentally, PSU blog content that hasn’t been deleted outright is now locked to members-only. Three words for OEA bosses and the leftist hacks who have been sniping about what a boring, irrelevant series my PSU posts have been: Print to PDF. I have copies of everything. Go ahead and move on to “Hart’s a liar and this stuff is all made up” at your leisure, because I’m not nearly out of content.

Readers, refer to “” in The Wayback Machine or Google cache. I’ve updated posts at that hero, Third Base Politics, and the Columbus Tea Party site to include the quotes in PDF screen caps.

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  1. I speak for the entire left in saying we don't give a crap.

    You're obessed over a strike that has long since been resolved... showing that collective bargaining works.

    We stopped (and I think the Issue 2 supporters here) caring about you recycling the same tired partisan punch line for the paunch of material you had to work with a long time ago.

    Why are you blaming the OEA for an entirely different union deciding you don't need access to information meant only for its members? Boo-hoo.

  2. Modern, in my experience people who give no craps don't block two years worth of content all of a sudden. But if you say two years worth of OEA employees bashing OEA for being dishonest and hypocritical is a "paunch of material," it must be true!

    Thanks again for lending your advice here at 3BP. It's very generous for you to provide constant feedback about my unread content which is of no importance.


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