Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some lamer wants to drop what on Kasich?

This is about the lamest and weakest "attack" on John Kasich I've seen yet.

Some loser created a Twitter account called @kasichliarforhire.

Wow. It rhymes. But the clever doesn't end there! Check out the name. Kohn Jasich! Get it? He switched the J and the K, and that's hilarious, or something...

I went to check out his web page, for more hilariousness. Sadly, you get a "not found" error.

OK, well, never mind that. Because he has bigger plans! A plan so audacious, that it will bring the governor's office to it's knees!

He tweets to the Ohio House Dems:
@OhioHouseDems wanna start a "where's da jobs Kasich!?" tweetstorm? Try to get 50k tweets to Kasich this week?

Wow! This guy is a genius! Surely the Ohio House Democratic caucus will jump right on board.

Or...not. But our boy, he doesn't give up that easy. He's got another trick up his sleeve.
@FakeCinEnquirer wanna start a "wheresdajobsKasich" tweetstorm this week? 50k tweets to Kasich by Friday?
And then he enlists the Plunderdumbs.
@plunderbund Everyone join me in dropping a tweetstorm on Kasich. Send #wheresdajobskasich to John Kasich, Let's drop 50k tweets on him
Amazingly enough, this clown got the dumbs to RT it.
He started his crusade on Sunday, and is now begging people.
@innovationohio please help us drop a tweetstorm @JohnKasich #WheresdajobsKasich.
So, how many people have used the hashtag to tweet Kasich? Including Plunderbund, two!

Maybe someone needs to inform this goof that under Strickland, Ohio lost some 400,000 jobs, and Ohio has actually gained about 48,000 jobs during Kasich's short tenure so far. We have a long way to go, but turning this state around from the mess it was left in won't happen overnight. So, wheres da jobs, Kasich? There you go, dude. Duh.

Maybe he wants to take a 39 MPH train back to the Strickland days, where he could ask, Wheres da jobs going, Strickland?

The left in Ohio. Very strange.


  1. Dear psycho stalker,

    It's great that you apparenty have no life but to follow around everything we do.

    Regardless, you've yet again demonstrated that in your love of all things Kasich you are, in p.c. terms, "factually challenged."

    The number of employed Ohioans since Kasich took office has dropped. The number of unemployed Ohioans has gone up. The unemployment rate has gone up for the past three months. The jobs you claim were created during Kasich occured mostly in March when Kasich had done jack and squat and Ohio was enjoying a 14-month streak of dropping unemployment that started under Ted Strickland in early 2010.

    I'm going to go read some box scores on, perhaps you want to follow me there, too?

  2. I think it's past someones bedtime...

  3. Hysterical. Modern has written posts on plunderdumb regarding 3bp long before we wrote any about them. Plus, modern even went digging into Jon Keelings affairs. Add moderns constant presence on 3bp, and he wants you think WE are stalking HIM.

    Your projection is truly staggering to behold.

    I better not expose too much of moderns hypocrisy. He might drop a TWEETSTORM on me!! Ahhh! !!

  4. I wasn't the one who outed Keeling as a former Kasich staffer as he astroturfed from Virginia as an "Ohio blogger" excited about this Kasich fella.

    And yeah, it was relevant to point out that Keeling was blogging about Ted Strickland and Kasich while on the Ohio GOP's payroll to do just that.

    But I didn't engage Keeling until he started engaging me. That's the facts.

    You on the other hand have this obsession with everything I do, every website I visit. It's disturbing.

    When was the last time I wrote a post that even mentioned this site? I can't remember. It's got to be around six months now or something.

  5. Please Modern...

    Whatever you do. Please.




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