Friday, September 9, 2011

"We are Ohio" unions can't even be civil and respect a 9/11 memorial

Sunday is the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As horrible as this atrocity was, one good thing that came out of it, for a little while at least, was a spirit of unity in America. As we shared our grief, we held hands together as fellow Americans, and not as Republicans or Democrats. That spirit has also been repeated during annual anniversaries since.

In Columbus, an annual memorial of roughly 3000 flags has been set up to honor the victims on the Ohio statehouse lawn. Watch the short video below.

That same spirit of unity was on display today between Governor John Kasich and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, at a memorial service the governor hosted today. The two men, one Democrat and one Republican, don't agree on much, and very publicly disagree with each other regarding Senate Bill 5. Yet, to honor the heroes and the victims of the tragedy, they put aside their differences and stood together. Joe Vardon reports:
Coleman, who spoke after Kasich introduced him to the crowd as “my friend,” said that “in the final analysis” of the effects of the Sept. 11 attacks, “we are no longer Democrat, we are no longer Republican, we are no longer white or black, Muslim, Jewish, or Christian.”

“We are Americans above all,” Coleman said. “That’s what 9-11 is all about.”
Coleman is right. It is what honoring 9/11 is all about.

Except, apparently, you are a public employee union. In that case, it doesn't mean a thing. Right after the service ended, they converged on the flag memorial, and used it as a protest grounds to chant anti-Kasich slogans.

How utterly inappropriate and disrespectful. Of course, they absolutely have the right to protest. No one would deny them that. But they could pick any day, and any location. Yet, they chose to mar a 9/11 memorial, immediately after a service honoring the victims. Disgusting.

To cap off the sadness of such a spectacle with humor, watch this SEIU goon explain how John Kasich deserves 100% of the blame for Ohio's slow economy right now, and how Barack Obama deserves...NONE! I know it's hard to listen to this guy blabber, but if you watch the whole thing, you'll also hear him reveal the unions' real goal. He says Kasich should have balanced the budget by raising taxes to fund their greed, instead of making spending cuts.

Shaky video courtesy Ohio Capital Blog

Hey unions. Your choice of timing and location here was not a coincidence. And it was a disgrace.


  1. Those who cannot leave their politics at the gate and remember those who died on 9-11 are pathetic. They are so consumed about their limited ability to live off of the taxpayer, they can't even share in the memories of one of America's darkest days. Scumbags all!

  2. I would say that it's utterly disrespectful and inappropriate for our governor to be making it less safe for our firefighters and police officers, given the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and all that those people gave us. Shameful.

  3. Yes, Anonymous. That WOULD be utterly disrespectful and shameful...IF IT WERE TRUE. Too bad your perspective on collective bargaining reform is based on lies.

    On another note, what's with this SEIU shill?? No accountability for President Obama on his failed economic policies?? Bill Cohen set the stage for comedy gold when he sought talking points from this sweaty SEIU partisan hack.

    Too bad that it took place at an event that was meant to promote unity.

  4. Yet another false post here. You say they don't respect the memorial, but admit that the protest, which was peaceful and lawful, occured AFTER the 9/11 event.

    You guys are pathetic. Great job defending Kasich's failed economic policies.

  5. A scenario for Modern.

    Say NYC instituted changes that upset the unions.

    And minutes after NYC held their 9/11 memorial ceremony, unions utilized space just yards from the ceremony to take advantage of the media and press present.

    That would be ok in Modern's world, because it took place after the ceremony.

    Ridiculous. Yet more proof that Modern will rationalize anything.

    Not sure how that guy sleeps at night when he's been reduced to the ODP's online shill.

  6. Third grade politics would be a better name for this blog.

  7. Third rate politics

  8. Those are both very clever suggestions. Made me chuckle!

  9. Yet another false post here. You say they don't respect the memorial, but admit that the protest, which was peaceful and lawful, occured AFTER the 9/11 event.

    They held a political protest in front of a memorial to 3000 dead people, and did it immediately following the service dedicated to those people. All just because Kasich was there.

    It was disgraceful.

  10. The SEIU guy looks exactly as I would expect a sated leech to look. That's hardly surprising. Basically he's just another parasite demanding still more. He could care less if the host dies.

    And yes I noted the fact that according to this fool Kasich has other options. The "balanced approach" this guy is whining about is simple: more taxes. For what? So this slob can stay portly at my expense?

    It is really amusing to watch modern grow more shrill as he grows more irrelevant. Funny how he has to point out that, for once, the unions were "peaceful and lawful". Quite a break from the criminality we witnessed in Washington last week!

    it is looking like the Dems will lose both special house elections. Anthony "little" weiner will cost his party a seat. These races also send a message to the left. I smell the whiff of repudiation.

  11. They held the protest at the Statehouse on the public square in the only space outside that would accomodate the crowd. The protest was held after the event, and as you concede did nothing to the memorial or the flags or anything. In fact, despite your misleading headline, you admit that the protest wasn't at the memorial site at all, only NEAR it.

    You guys are pathetically stretching here. It's shameless and dispicable. 9/11 isn't a day in which free speech at government buildings died.

    Remember how outraged this site was when that radical right wing anti-gay church from Kansas came to protest at an Ohio serviceperson's funeral? Yeah, me neither.

  12. Ah modern. Let me remind you of your very own words:

    "peaceful and lawful"

    Isn't it interesting that this was so unique for unions that you were compelled to mention it?

    Shouldn't we expect citizens to be peaceful and lawful? Yet with the unions, as the video record I've shared here clearly demonstrates, rarely meet that universal standard.

    The guy from the Washington longshoremen is the typical union member. Peaceful and lawful aren't words in his lexicon because the don't begin with F or refer to procreation or defecation.

    that's who modern stands with. I suppose it must be like being a shill for the mob, right Modern?

    How well does it pay?


  13. I said "peacful and lawful" because this site libeled them by suggesting otherwise because they held a protest on walkways around the Statehouse not ON the 9/11 Memorial as implied.

    Skip, you want to keep changing the topic and engage in namecalling as if that somehow justifies this website's total lies.


    Because we all know that the Tea Party has never acted like a mob. Never inciting violent rhetoric against the elected President of the United States or others. And birtherism has no racist overtones either, right? People who had no problem with the fact that John McCain was not even born in the country just suddenly questioned Hawaiian birth certificates of the first African-American president because...?

  14. You guys are right. Clearly, not a single union firefighter stopped and honored the victims of 9/11, even though the We Are Ohio campaign went dark that day.

    This site keeps circling the drain of credibility.


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