Friday, September 23, 2011

Solyndra board member thanks Sherrod Brown with a $2500 donation

This morning, I tweeted out a mock thank you to Senator Sherrod Brown for voting for Barack Obama's original stimulus bill, which provided over half a billion dollars of our federal tax dollars to Solyndra.

As it turns out, though, I'm not the only one thanking Sherrod Brown. Thomas Baruch also thanked him this year, and his thank you was real. $2500 real.

Who is Thomas Baruch? He sits on Solyndra's board of directors. He was no doubt very pleased to see Sherrod Brown support the stimulus bill so strongly. After all, it led to Solyndra getting the $535 million.

When asked about the donation, Sherrod's communications director responded:
"Sen. Brown has not received a contribution from any employee of Solyndra."
Nice way of dancing around the subject. Of course, Baruch is not an employee. He sits on the board!

Sherrod Brown told us that the stimulus bill would bring Ohio and the country into recovery, and create millions of jobs. As we all know, that didn't happen. Instead, the money was horribly wasted, and in some cases, like Solyndra's, corruptly directed to Democrat's pet projects in return for campaign donations.

And now Sherrod Brown is urging us to support another stimulus plan, promising that it will deliver the jobs this time. Are you kidding us, Senator?

What we need is to kick Sherrod Brown out of office. At the very least, he should give his $2500 Solyndra donation back.


  1. Um, nobody cares, because someone, somewhere was given money by KOCH BROTHERZ!

    Typical Bytor. Way to avoid the real issue. Get back to us when the crony capitalism involves a Rethuglican't!

  2. I don't see the connection here. I am as opposed to crony socialism as you guys but this one is a stretch.

    It is my experience that board members tend to be successful, read wealthy. Isn't it possible that the donation to Senator Brown has nothing to do with solyndra? Isn't it possible that the donation was simply what this guy does? The upper end of the American income distribution has been donating Democrat fro a while now.

    Absent some proof of motivation on this, I don't see a story here. It seems like little more than co incidence at this point.

    We need to hammer the left at every turn, but we also need to demonstrate something that the Modern's of the world lack: Intellectual integrity.


  3. there is no connection here we all can see that and i know for sure

  4. The 2009 "stimulus" bill was drafted by the radical Left group Apollo Alliance which is dedicated to government funding of green energy companies including Solyndra.
    From the Apollo Alliance Daily Digest, Sept. 22, 2009
    “Senator Sherrod Brown (D. - Ohio) wants to add money for clean energy manufacturing to the climate bill. Senator Brown’s IMPACT ACT - a plan to implement a $30 billion dollar revolving loan fund to strengthen green manufacturing - was influenced by the Apollo Alliance’s GreenMAP."


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