Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Had you known...

A message from 3BP for the independent voters of Ohio...and a call to action.

Even with unemployment increasing by 90% during his tenure, Strickland still refuses to make the necessary changes to the business environment that would bring jobs to Ohio. In fact, despite his $31 million bribe, today Dayton jobs giant NCR decided to close its doors and move to Georgia. In fact, they wouldn't even take the Strickland Administration's calls.
Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher said he and Gov. Ted Strickland were "extremely disappointed" about NCR's decision to relocate.

Fisher said repeated requests to NCR's senior management to discuss the company's plans went unanswered, and that the state was not given a "meaningful opportunity to negotiate."
Ohio's business tax climate is the 4th worst in the country. Georgia's is the 27th best. Of course they decided to leave, Governor - because you have refused to incentivize Ohio with the kind of opportunities necessary to make the state attractive to businesses.

If only Ohioans had known.

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