Friday, March 12, 2010

ACORN is no more.

We've all seen the stories by now.

ACORN has been booted from Ohio

The Buckeye State got rid of a few nuts.

Bad pun, I know.

ACORN proved to be a successful source of GOTV(whether legal or not is another question entirely), particularly in 2008. The question is how much their presence will be missed in 2010.

While the suit states ACORN cannot reconstitute itself as another entity, these people won't simply go away. They will find other legal avenues to do the job they love to do.

The question is how quickly they can reorganize. Will it be with Organizing for America? Something brand new?

And can they do it quickly enough to have an effect on 2010?


  1. Good call regarding ACORN quickly reorganizing under different names.

    I heard, from a reliable source, the former head organizer for Columbus ACORN, Barbara Clark, simply moved her community organizing operation across the street from the previous offices located at 379 N. 20th St, Lower Level, Columbus, OH 43203.

    Photo of Ms. Clark at offices of Progress Ohio

    Clark is allegedly using former Columbus ACORN membership lists to do community organizing at Neighborhood House, 1000 Atchenson Street, Columbus, OH 43203

    Alo Konsen of Brain Shavings blog did some follow-up in a comment for this post.

    Mr. Konsen wrote,
    "I just called The Neighborhood House and asked for Ms. Clark. The man who answered the phone confirmed that she's working in their building, and transferred me to her extension. Nobody answered, and the voicemail inbox is full. When I switched back out to the receptionist, he took my name and number and told me he'd pass them on to Ms. Clark when she returns. This could be educational.

  2. Is Brian Hester serious? I don't understand his complete point, in the below post, because he is so scatter brained regarding his writing style.

    Does Hester believe that packing everything and anything in a blog post is effective communication? Wouldn't it be better technique for him to be more focused, concise and on-message? Hester has bad habits of prognosticating about situations that he has no direct connection and thus his theories are less than credible.

    Finally, Hester tries to project an image that he can miraculously read minds (yeah right). Hester has recently been making weak attempts to find fault in Jon Keeling. Although Hester is right that Jon is not perfect (who is?), I contend that Hester should not be taken seriously due to his out-on-a-limb and crazy-eyed maniacal flailing smear-tactics which serve for dramatic effect but fail to prove anything in a logical and non-emotional way.


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