Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No, seriously. Where is Yvette McGee Brown?

I'm getting a little worried.

While Kasich is highlighting his Lieutenant Governor candidate all over the state, there is no sign that Yvette McGee Brown, Governor Strickland's LG nominee, currently exists.

I can't find any news articles about any events featuring McGee Brown in the past month.

There is no sign of her on the Ted Strickland campaign website, besides her bio and clips from the initial announcement.

Meanwhile, Mary Taylor is on the move all over the state.

As I've mentioned before, she may be under the radar raising money or something. Who knows? But why hasn't the media asked the Governor why he doesn't bring her to any campaign events? I mean, it's been 64 days since she was announced as the LG candidate, and that's the last time she's seen a campaign stage.

Chris Redfern made cracks about Mary Taylor not being up for the job when Kasich chose her as his running mate. Rightly so, the media pushed back on those accusations and I commend them for that. But what does McGee Brown's absence say about the Democrats' own candidate? Don't they trust her on the stump? Can't she even go to Democratic Party functions to speak?

If you've seen her, leave a comment on this post. I'm honestly curious where she is and want to be sure she's ok.

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