Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Still think Reconciliation is such a good idea, Dems?

I've never said Democrats aren't allowed to use reconciliation to pass their version of health care reform.

What I did say was that doing so would be politically dangerous.

Maybe I should have used "suicidal" instead of "dangerous".

According to a new AP poll:
More than four in five Americans say it’s important that any health care plan have support from both parties. And 68 percent say the president and congressional Democrats should keep trying to cut a deal with Republicans rather than pass a bill with no GOP support
"Speaker John Boehner". I could get used to that.

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  1. That's my biggest reservation about the idea of the House flipping in Nov: Speaker Boehner. We would be so much better off with Speaker Pence or Cantor - and the best would be Speaker Paul Ryan. But Speaker Boehner going up against Obama will increase the latter's re-election prospects exponentially. I prefer winning back 30-35 seats, effectively neutering the Dem majority while wrapping still-Speaker Pelosi or new-Speaker St-st-stenny H-h-hoyer around Obama's neck in 2012.


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