Friday, March 26, 2010

Take me out to the woodshed....

As if current Commissioner and 12th CD candidate Paula Brooks and former Commissioner and current Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy needed anymore bad news:

The Ohio Supreme Court said Franklin County commissioners abused their authority in 2008 when they rejected the low bidder for a painting contract in favor of one with a better record of paying union-scale wages.

Commissioners were wrong to reject the Painting Co.'s $770,079 bid for painting at the Huntington Park ball field for one that cost $261,000 more, the court said in its 5-2 ruling.
Building off of Cupcakegate, perhaps Mary Jo Kiljobs was on a sugar high when she allowed Franklin County to overpay for work on the new baseball stadium. Or maybe she was protecting all the union supplied money that funds her campaigns.

Politics over principle rules once again.

Guess we can plan on seeing more commercials like this one:


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