Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It could be nothing. It could be something.

A poll released yesterday by Democratic polling firm PPP included some interesting data.

Specifically, it was the favoribility numbers for Senate candidates Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan.

As you can see, both candidates, Blunt the Republican and Carnahan the Democratic incumbent, have pretty poor numbers.

Blunt comes in at 25-41 overall, with 27-41 among Independents. Carnahan scores better overall at 38-43, but is relatively even with Indies at 31-48.

Now, if you were looking just at these numbers alone, it would be a reasonably safe guess to assume Carnahan was ahead in the purple state that is Missouri.

Wrong. Blunt is up 45-41.

So even with massive problems finding approval among the electorate, the political environment is turning in favor of Blunt.

A Republican sits at -16 disapproval overall and -14 among Indies.....and is a poll conducted by a Democratic firm.

That has to frighten Democrats.

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