Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Driehaus and Biden prove my point.

Last Wednesday I wrote a post detailing how recent poll numbers within Ohio's 1st Congressional District show the enormous unlikelihood of a win in November for Congressman Driehaus should he vote for Obamacare.

In addition, I mentioned the indispensable cash dollars controlled by Democratic leadership and currently being held as ransom for yea votes.

Now, of course Driehaus and Boccieri will hear threats of Pelosi, et. al withholding the all-important campaign dollars that House Leadership can offer. But does anyone honestly think these same Democrat leaders will risk losing control of the House because of a threat they made a few months previous? Didn't think so.

Recently, Steve Driehaus commented that he is a no vote on Obamacare unless the abortion language is changed.

Yesterday, Vice President Biden came to Ohio to raise money for Driehaus' campaign.

And upon completion of the fundraiser, Driehaus reiterated his opposition to the bill.

While it's clear the Biden event was as much of a lobbying effort as it was an effort to raise money, it still highlights an important point - Democratic leadership can't afford to turn their nose on those Democratic congressmen that vote no on the bill.

The majority in the House recognizes the 11.2.10 election could very well turn power over to the GOP. And that isn't worth the risk just to settle a score about a vote taken nearly 8 months previous and 2.5 years before the next Presidential election.

Undecided Democrats in swing districts should vote their conscience first, and for their political survival second. And everything points to both of those requiring a no vote.

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  1. They don't care about November. Obamacare is the ONLY. THING. THAT MATTERS.

    They know they are going down, and are trying to convince folks like Driehaus that:

    1. You already voted for it once, so the Republicans are going to hammer you for it anyway.

    2. You're probably going to lose anyway, so vote yes and don't blow Obamacare in a vain attempt to save your seat.


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