Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Warning not received.

Peter Beinart wrote an interesting piece that clearly highlighted an interesting choice the President has made:
Obama has embraced polarization over triangulation. He has chosen Karl Rove’s politics of base mobilization over Dick Morris’s politics of crossover appeal, with consequences not merely for how he campaigns for Democrats in 2010, but for he campaigns for himself in 2012.
To the President, GOP victories in VA, NJ(!), and even MA(!!!!!) weren't received.

They were his warning shot. A chance to see what will most likely happen in the 2010 midterms should he not reverse course.

Bill Clinton received the message about Hillarycare in the '94 Revolution and went on to maintain a very popular Presidency, but with few major liberal policy victories thanks to the new GOP majority.

Bush won re-election, but his style of governing frustrated his base and his style of politics alienated Independents, leading to Democratic congressional takeover in 2007.

Obama had an opportunity to learn these lessons. He refused. He not only refused, he took things even further than Clinton ever did.

Should Obama be worried? Absolutely. At this time in 1994, President Clinton enjoyed a 52% Gallup approval rating. We all know what happened 7 and a half months later.

What's Obama's Gallup approval rating right now?


He should have taken the warning.

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  1. If you quote to Peter Beinart, you should link to Peter Beinart, not Ross Douthat.


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