Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The next Representative of Ohio's 15th district refocuses the debate...

With Mary Jo Kilroy focusing like a laser on Obamacare, that leaves Steve Stivers as the only candidate listening to the constituents of Ohio's 15th congressional district.


  1. Seeing how I actually live in the 15th, I can tell you that more people want the healthcare reform than you seem to think. I guess thats what you get when you blog about a district in Ohio while living in Virginia.

  2. You might want to rethink that statement if you look at the people protesting outside of Mary Jo Pelosi's office.

  3. Tea Baggers carry no weight with me. The battle cry of the Boston Tea Party was "No taxation without representation" not "no taxation because the guy I voted for lost"

    I actually canvassed portions of the 15th, you know, did actual legwork, not just listen to Glenn Beck and the rest of the idiots at Faux Newz, and of the people I talked to, over half of them were in favor of the bill.

    Besides that, I will go with the same logic that the right used on me and folks who thought like me during the lead up to the war.

    Get over it, your guy lost...

  4. LOL. So you walked around your neighborhood?

    Sophomoric "tea bagging" and "Faux Newz" comments expose your lack of depth, but I'll answer anyway.

    The 15th is a diverse district and Kilroy won by less than 1% in a year heavily favoring Democrats. Her voting record with Pelosi will not sit well with Independents and she will be replaced. The 2010 election will a referendum on encumbents and her record will not look good to the fair people of the 15th.

    BTW, the "Blame Bush" thing is tired. Please put it to bed.

  5. The Blame Bush thing? I never blamed Bush, I simply said that when the previous administration did something that I didn't like and I voiced my opinion, I was told that I hated America and that I was letting the terrorists win. Meanwhile we have tea bag party members as well as people like Glenn Beck comparing Obama to Hitler on a regular basis.

    Here is a newsflash for you, the second that you start comparing someone to Hitler, you lose the argument. Obama wants to reform healthcare, Hitler killed millions of people...yeah, I totally see the comparison here...

    Kilroy may or may not lose, there is still a lot of time before the election, things can change in a heartbeat.

  6. You are arguing with yourself about Glen Beck and Hitler...I never mentioned him. Find another boogeyman.

    It is also ironic you use that analogy while using the childish term "tea bag party" to make your point.

    You obviously don't want to discuss why the HCB is good or bad or whether MJK is out of step with her district. I won't waste my time anymore.


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