Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A question to ask each of the 219.

I hope the press asks this question of every Congressman that voted for Obamacare as well as each elected official that endorsed the legislation:

"Will you disapprove if, provided the Republicans ever regain the majority and the Presidency, the GOP uses the same legislative tactics employed by Democrats during passage of their Health Care bill to pass Social Security reform?"

There was nothing wrong with how they did it? Fine. Let's get these guys on the record.


  1. And what process do you think they used Keeling?

    You mean the process in which the bill received three readings in each chamber, received countless congressional hearings and markups, accepted some 200 amendments offered by the minority party, passed both chambers under the most basic and well-established rules of the chambers, and then leading to the House concurring with the Senate's amendments, but then seeking a reconciliation bill to reduce the costs (although the requirement that reconciliation could only be used to make changes to reduce the deficit was only put in place by the Democrats in 2007)?

    You keep acting like there was some weird process that this bill was made into law. It wasn't.

    And all the screaming about the process isn't going to change that.

    There were no three hour "fifteen" minute votes. It's been one roll call after another.

    If you guys could get your Social Security reform passed under similiar process, go right ahead.

    But you guys couldn't do after 2004, despite having the majority. Because you didn't have the votes.

    Just because Nancy Pelosi utilized a process that made Scott Brown's election not carry the significance you HOPED it would have, doesn't mean that democracy was offended. She passed the bill the Senate had already passed. Hardly, a process that shocks the conscious. And you know that.

  2. I think Brian just sits around his house/office all day hitting F5 on your blog. Wow.

  3. Oh, dear Modern Esquire, you act as if there was one bill since June.

    Closed door partisan meetings, virtually nothing on CSPAN as promised, no posting of bills on the interwebs for 5 days as promised, Christmas Eve votes, members ditching Townhalls and finally after mucho arm-twisting and vote buying, a Sunday late night vote.

    Elections have consequences and your side won. Good for you.

    Just don't act like this was done in the normal course of business, that is being intellectually dishonest.


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