Monday, August 15, 2011

Flashback: On Strike – Against the Ohio Education Association

Ohio Education Association (OEA) bosses are an awfully cynical bunch: they use money from teachers for personal wealth and political power while cursing any step towards sustainable budgeting as an “attack on workers.”

Why should you care? Because the benefits OEA demands for members are paid for by taxpayers. Because "solidarity" means compensation and layoff policies based purely on tenure. Because more than $750,000 of the We Are Ohio war chest is from OEA, the largest in-state donor to the group trying to kill Senate Bill 5.

The unions have everything riding on a simple falsehood: unions are for workers, therefore union reform is against workers. What if, in addition to paying themselves six figures in member dues, OEA bosses mistreated their own employees?

OEA is hoping you’ve forgotten that just last fall, the union’s employees went on strike! Here are two photographs from the Professional Staff Union picket line at OEA headquarters in downtown Columbus:

PSU strike at OEA headquarters, September 2010PSU strike at OEA headquarters, September 2010

These are the people who work for OEA, protesting against OEA’s leadership.

Voters are expected to oppose Senate Bill 5 because OEA says so, but OEA can’t even be trusted by its own employees! Rather than work with the General Assembly this spring, OEA and other unions created We Are Ohio to smear any correction of union power over local budgets and policies. Senate Bill 5 will restore some of that power to Ohio taxpayers. This November, vote Yes on Issue 2!

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  1. Why was the OEA attacking the middle class!?!?!?

  2. We need the tea party movement to step up huge here... Put these union thugs in there place. Keep SB5! Vote no on issue 2!

  3. Uh... that's Yes on Issue 2, excitable Anonymous commenter / likely leftist plant!

  4. Definite union plant. Probably a blundertwin pal. Boy he sure fooled us, didnt he?

  5. What??? No on issue 2 means yes on refferendum? That can't be right... Typical leftist tactic. Who approved this?


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