Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kasich improving Ohio's relationship with Big 3

Shortly after being sworn into office, Governor Kasich visited the "Big 3" automakers in Detroit to get an assessment of their outlook for business in Ohio. It didn't look good.
Gov. John Kasich called his meetings with the Detroit Three automakers this week “very sobering” and “in some ways very disturbing,” with two of the three blunt in their assessment of Ohio’s business climate.

“I heard words like ‘not competitive,’” Kasich said Thursday. “I heard words like ‘not cooperative.’ I heard words like ‘created a bad attitude and a bad impression.’”

He added, “We are not viewed in that community as the most forward-looking state.”
After promising to turn that around from the previous administration, Kasich returned to Detroit for more face-to-face meeting with the automakers yesterday. Things are already looking better for Ohio.
Kasich reported that executives from Chrysler, GM and Ford all said they’ve noticed a shift to a more favorable business climate in Ohio, and at least one company official backed the governor’s statements.

“We’re very encouraged by the changes we see happening in Ohio,” Bryan Roosa, GM’s executive director for state government relations, wrote in an email. “The attitude toward manufacturers is very supportive, and it’s helping create a very strong environment for business. We’re very pleased with our relationship with Ohio and like what’s happening there for GM.”

Ohio-built Chevy Cruze

Chrysler just announced they are investing in a $72 million expansion at one of their existing Ohio plants. Even better, there are currently negotiations proceding with Chrysler to expand their Jeep plant in Toledo. That would bring $365 million in investments and 1100 new jobs, and the state will meet again with Chrysler next week to work on a plan.

The administration is also working on new project with Ford.
In characterizing his meeting with Ford Executive Vice President Mark Fields, Kasich said he would “have something soon to say” about a new deal or venture with the company.
Obviously, this is all excellent news, and its very encouraging to see Governor Kasich's efforts to make Ohio more business-friendly paying off.


  1. As it happens there is an empty ford plant in Lorain. They vacated it years ago.

    Five million square feet of productive space lying fallow. It would be nice to see that working again, even in a reduced capacity. It has a rail head. It is close to 90 and the turnpike. There are still a number of folks willing to work an assembly line living in the area. It would be a dream for the region.

    In general though, this is good news. I wonder how Modern will try to change the subject this time.

  2. Anon - LOL You know he will.

  3. If Chrysler does do that expansion, it will be because of Ted Strickland, not Kasich.


  4. I have to get a blog going so I can comment here with a name. I visit this blog daily as news about Ohio from a conservative POV is rare these days.

  5. You just need to create a Google account. You dont need to create a blog.

  6. Or anonymous could just read The Columbus Dispatch and Cincinnati Enquirer regularly for conservative news.

  7. I have some real problems with Chrysler ever since they took bailout money in 2009... They sucked $1.3 billion off the government teet. And these better not be more union jobs they're bringing to Ohio

  8. But for Obama, Kasich wouldn't have had a Big Three to meet with. The auto bailout made it possible for there still to be a GM and a Chrysler... and yes, most of the deals were largely already in the works during the Strickland Administration.

    Then there's all the auto-related announcements during the Strickland Administration:

    But this is good news for Ohio, and I'm glad Kasich to blow it like he has with other companies lately.

    Kasich reports executives love him... one kind of agrees. That's sure hard hitting news, fellas. LOL.

    I'm sure Kasich now regrets opposing the auto bailout, right?

  9. Remember when this site gave credit to Strickland for the Chevy Cruz being produced in Ohio? Or when people started to get hired back at Lorraine? Yeah, don't bother searching, you guys never did.

  10. Remember when Ford closed plants in Maumee and Batavia in 2007 and 2008? And the Brookpark casting plant last year?

    Remember when GM closed the Mansfield stamping plant in 2010, the Moraine assembly plant and the Dayton and Vandalia plants in 2008 and the Columbus door panel plant in 2007?

    All during the Strickland years.

    Nice try, Modern.

  11. Yeah, there was a recession, and the auto bailout made it possible for these industries to survive and start growing again in Ohio.

    And there's nothing John Kasich has done but continue to write the corporate welfare checks just as Obama has done.

    At least Obama's package results in most of the money being repaid.


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