Thursday, August 18, 2011

Math is hard

For the plunderpals, at least, it seems that way. Earlier tonight, they tweeted this:

PPP: 50% of Ohioans support repeal of #SB5, 35% in favor keeping it. Not much different than July Quinnipiac poll.

First, the very poll they linked to is the same one we just posted on. You know, the one with the top line of 50-39, not 50-35.


Second, the July Quinnipaic Poll results were 56% in favor of repeal, and 32% in support of keeping the bill.

Yeah, 50-39 is "not much different" than 56-32. An 11-point spread is "not much different" than 24 points.

In Plunderland, math is hard.


  1. Either way, it's a double-digit butt kickin', which is exactly why Kasich is publicly begging for a deal to avoid a vote on Issue 2

  2. Gosh, Modern aren't you guilty of counting your chickens before they hatch? Hmmmm?

    And I'll repeat my question: if SB5 goes down and the unions continue to rape and pillage the taxpayers of Ohio the exodus from the state will continue unabated.

    Once the majority of productive people have left who will you plunder?

    As it is Ohio lost two house seats. That should be an embarrassment but one thing I've noticed about liberals: they have no sense of shame.

    So if it takes destroying the economy of the state to insure that unproductive, inept civil servants retain their lavish life styles, well liberals apparently have no problem carrying on.

    It also seems clear that having no sense of shame precludes one from recognizing that they are being greedy.

    Just plain greedy. How's that feel for ya modern? Greed also something with which you no longer concern yourself?

  3. Rape and pillage? Giving a prison guard kids a dental plan is rape?


    As for wrecking the economy, Kasich reversed 14 months of dropping unemployment that began under Strickland and turned it into two months of rising unemployment.

  4. Not even a nice try. You'll have to do better than bumper stickers pal.

    Giving a government employeed prison guard's son dental insurance at my expense is rape and pillage. What portion of the cost of this insurance is funded by the gummint employee? Is it comparable to mine? What portion of the medical coverage is paid by the employee? How does their benefits compare to mine? How about the pension costs? Why is it that I MUST pay into SS and the gummint employees don't?

    Let's privatize the prisons so that the employees are in the same game that the rest of the taxpayers are playing. Then let's privatize things like the CSEA, and any other operation that has a direct analog in the private sector. Let's lay off the government employees by moving the tasks to the private sector. If we can't move them to the private sector, let's just eliminate their jobs, just as private business must.

    If the unions want everything they want and they want it all paid for by the taxpayers, then either the bargaining rules change or the jobs disappear. There are no other options. We cannot continue on the same course and only people, such as yourself Modern, who are blinded by their greed fail to see that.

    If the unions win Ohio will empty even more quickly. Doesn't that just fill you excitement Modern? YOu and your union thug paymasters can destroy an entire state.

    You go boy.

    If bumper stickers are the best you've got the left will lose big in 2012. It can't get here soon enough.


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