Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unions and Villains

I am a public employee. Thankfully I'm classified as Administrative / Professional staff, which means I don't have to worry about being forced to join a union or pay "fair share" fees. Like all public employees, I'm an individual, and should be treated as such.

I am an inconvenience to We Are Ohio. Ohio's government unions enrich themselves by taking money from government workers... the last thing they need is an informed taxpayer pointing that out.

Refer to the reaction of union front group "Join the Future" to the video I posted Tuesday morning:

If you've not seen it, check out my video matching union boss hysterics with union boss pay. At no point do I "attack public workers." Watch closely, also, for the "bitterness" and "unhinged anger" I'm accused of by the official Twitter account of an official union mouthpiece.

The unions don't want you to know Senate Bill 5 offers commonsense reforms to Ohio's broken government union law. That's why self-proclaimed Advocates of Public Workers attack me, a public worker, every time I try to inform fellow Ohioans about the need for government union reform.

Here's another thing you'll never hear from the unions: don't take my word for it. Review We Are Ohio's arguments, and then ask which line of Senate Bill 5 endangers police & firemen; which page slashes teacher wages; which section renders elected officials unaccountable to the voters who pay public workers' salaries.

Because unions are heroes, any criticism of unions is villainy. If this is an accepted truism, questions about union boss pay, raises disconnected from merit, the madness of last-in-first-out, and the need for sustainable benefit plans are unimportant. No wonder Senate Bill 5 supporters are libeled daily!

The troubling thing is not that government unions lie, but that they scarcely do anything else.

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  1. I was both a union employee and an exempt supervisor during my years of state employment -- and I can tell you I despised the union on both sides.

    As a worker, I was pulled aside by union lackeys (who do not actually work on state business most of the time, by the way) and told I needed to stop being so efficient because I was making other union workers look bad!

    I ignored them.

    When I finally got promoted into a supervisory slot and away from the union hacks, I had to deal with them as they protected an employee of mine who simply wasn't doing her job. She was a drunk who would leave the office during work hours to go to bars.

    Despite many attempts to get her fired for repeatedly breaking basic rules, she kept her job and the union fought like hell to help her.

    Everything bad you've heard about unions is likely true. I can honestly say I've seen the worst of them from both sides.

  2. Yes yes yes, unions are evil, now let me get my 7 year old back to her shift. She gets to make a dollar fifty today, and she only has 36 hours in for the week...

  3. There was a time when unions were needed because of the poor working conditions and a lack of increase in wages to match increase in production. Those times ended a long time ago , when unions decided that they like the govt. decided that the people were there to benefit them instead of them being there to benefit the workers. I spent 42 years of my working life as a member of the teamsters and later the U.A.W. I can tell you from personal experience that all the so called work rules did was stifle personal initiative and add a huge cost to the company's bottom line and having to retain so many useless , so called workers. Every state in the union should pass right to work laws and you will see how fast a lot of these corrupt unions are voted out.

  4. Yeah, if there were no unions now, companies like Nike, Microsoft, Apple, Reebok, GM, Crysler, Ford, GE, would NEVER exploit workers...oh wait they do, just in other countries...

  5. LOL...more nonsense from the clown's mouth.

  6. Scarlet, so you are telling me that if all the rules that were created because of unions would suddenly go away, then companies like Nike wouldnt do to American workers what they do to Chinese workers? If you think that then you are the clown...

  7. I am saying that we will not go back to 1910 labor laws because of the passage of SB5...if for no other reason than the existence of trial lawyers.

    To say otherwise makes one look foolish.

  8. It may not go back to 1910, but it could very easily go to 2010 China, Mexico, etc... The main reason manufacturing companies outsource their labor to other countries is simply because they don't have the rules that we have here. Nike is paying people pennies on the dollar of their American counterparts, and they can make them work as much as they want...

  9. Nonsense.

    All of this talk is just hyperbole and a deliberate distraction. SB5 is about public sector unions and nothing else.

  10. The main reason manufacturing companies outsource their labor to other countries is because of unions.


  11. Other countries? More like other states...

    SC/AL/TN for automakers.

    SC for aircraft makers.

  12. Me thinks a scab by any other name is still a scab.

    And to Old Time Journalist -- Arent you just absotutely wonderful!

    If I had a nickle for every time I have heard this same scenario - well I could probably buy a hamburger.

    I have seen the best of the Unions - where the 'lacky exempt bosses' don't bother to do their jobs and 'actually evaluate the employees' - because they already know who they want for the next promotion anyway.

    So they hurridly try to write something bad on the one possible thorn's (good employee) evaluation - to make him look worse that their nephew -- I mean the other worker! And then, oh gosh, they can't find any facts to back up the libelous bashing they just delivered. So now, guess what? Instead of being told to just get back to work, thorn, and be quiet if you want to keep your job - the wronged employee has someone to help them stand up for their rights (as provided in the contract they have with their employer).

    There was and IS a time when unions ARE needed and IT IS NOW! I don't think I have ever met anyone whom would not choose to be treated fairly - what about you?

    Do you really want to be ruled by 'businessmen' like Kasich? Come on, the first thing he did was try to import one of his crony pals from California to come here and jump into an 'Ohio government office' without ever having slept here one night! Sure, sure he knows what's best. And, Oh yea, there is the 'little matter' that his wife didn't even vote for him (Kasich) because she is a RESIDENT OF FLORIDA AND CAN'T!

    Can NOT WAIT until we have an actual Ohioan running this state! (I don't view Kasich as an actual Ohioan - just my view.)

    Unions and/or Union bosses do not rule anything -- they just give workers a voice and a leg to stand on if they have been treated unfailry. How is that wrong? It's called 'bargaining' for a reason!


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