Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ohio Farmers for Issue 2

Yesterday Ohio's largest farm organization weighed in on Issue 2 as the Ohio Farm Bureau has endorsed a 'Yes' vote on Issue 2.  Representing over 200,000 members, the OFBF issued a press release explaining their support of Issue 2's reforms.  The Farm Bureau's executive vice president Jack Fisher explains the reasons for their endorsement in the release:

If we are to preserve jobs and services, local governments need flexibility to manage ever increasing labor costs. Issue 2 allows public employees to collectively bargain for hours, salaries, terms and conditions, just like they have for more than 25 years, Fisher said, But now, taxpayers have equal footing when it comes to the negotiating process. (emphasis added)
This endorsement was no spur of the moment decision.  The Ohio Farm Bureau heard arguments from representatives of each side, an examination of the issue that included hosting the first debate on Issue 2. The Farm Bureau endorsement is the latest in a series of endorsements that include the Ohio Society of CPAs, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and others in supporting the reasonable reforms of Issue 2.

For months the debate on Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 was dominated by voices from the left claiming to represent the working class of Ohio.  But, now that some of Ohio's hardest workers are coming out in support of Issue 2, it's increasingly clear that the more people learn about the true nature of Issue 2 the more they are coming to support its retention.  Though We Are Ohio claims to be the voice of Ohio's working class, it's hard to find any groups willing to endorse their repeal effort beyond the union bosses who have funneled millions into their campaign.

The farmers and small business owners that help form the heart of Ohio's economy are now making their voices heard and saying vote Yes on Issue 2.


  1. Yet another organization that has a well documented history of mostly endorsing Republicans.... YAWN.

  2. Those fat-cat farmers - they shouldn't have a say in how much the public pays public workers!

    If only the endorsement of every major job creating group in the state was as credible as the endorsements of D.C. unions. Oh well, I guess we'll make do...

  3. I don't care whom is endorsing it -- I just want to read it and make up my own mind.

    I'm sure Business associations and anti-union groups would like to tell us all 'how to think', but that is not how it works'

    It is for me the voter to make my OWN decision, not have it spoon fed by anyone!

  4. Sure! Screw over the police! Just don't touch our fat government subsidies!

    Really disappointed in 3BP for turning a blind eye to this for the sake of hoping to drum up support against senate bill 5.


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