Friday, August 12, 2011

Health Care Freedom Amendment Clears Leftist Challenge

Per The Columbus Dispatch:

The Ohio Supreme Court this morning unanimously rejected an attempt to block an issue from the November ballot that would attempt to opt-out Ohio from the new federal requirements that everyone obtain health insurance.

Good news, as expected. The Health Care Freedom Amendment does what it says, providing Ohioans with an opportunity to fight leftist attempts at centralized government medicine. Complainant ProgressOhio uses this platform as they use all platforms, spinning harebrained Progressive nonsense:

"Ohioans will now have a choice -- to return to the days when children were denied insurance coverage over pre-existing conditions; return to the days when seniors have to choose between prescription drugs and groceries; return to the days when young adults can't stay on their parents insurance and return to the days when small businesses did not get tax breaks for providing insurance.

"This fall "no" will be a beautiful word."

Where is the option for magically affordable coverage for everyone? Somehow ProgressOhio has missed the past year's worth of news about what a budget-busting, care-rationing disaster Obamacare will be if it's not disassembled.

If you live in this dimension's Ohio, where things aren't free just because socialists think they can force The Rich to pay for them, vote Yes on Issue 3!

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  1. Now if it could just clear that it's totally unconstitutional and void as a matter of law challenge, right? (See, Tom Niehaus on Fox News)

  2. Youre right Modern. An appeals court did rule the Obamacare mandate in unconstitutional.


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