Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Government Unions: Fighting for You!

I thought it’d be fun to take the shocking union facts from a recent post and string them into a fake commercial, complete with my best ’50s used-car salesman narration. I throw together the shoddy Windows Movie Maker video, you decide!

In a sane world, government union bosses would be ashamed to show their faces in public, knowing they’ve struck it rich by pitting public employees against the public. The best I can hope for is to inform enough voters that the unions behind We Are Ohio shouldn’t be trusted with much of anything – certainly not more of our money.

On November 8, vote for reasonable public union reform. Vote for public workers to pay a small portion of their pension expenses and a small portion of their health insurance premiums. Vote for compensation and layoff policies that don’t reward bad workers simply because they keep showing up. Vote Yes on Issue 2!

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  1. How very sad, with the 10th anniversary of September 11th approaching, the republican party of Ohio has turned their collective backs on those who helped us the most (police and firefighters) in that horrible time. Republicans sold their soul with SB5 and they will feel the effects for years to come.

  2. Did you track down that attendance figure yet?

  3. Wow, Anonymous the First! I didn't realize Ohio's public union bosses were among the first responders in NYC on September 11, 2001.

    Thanks for your insightful, on-topic comment about the moral bankruptcy of Ohio's public union bosses.

  4. Pretty sure you're in the wrong thread. But in your defense, you have poor reading comprehension skills.

  5. Wow! I didn't realize Jason Hart hates the people who protect him. Seems like a spoiled little rich kid

  6. Ah, here comes the class warfare. Typical and lame. Thinking that government employees should be treated the same as private sector employees apparently makes you a HATER of cops. Right? Is that how it goes?

    Typical union crap when their special privileges are at stake and they cant defend them.

  7. Really disappointed in 3BP... Show me where I said anything about class warfare. You brought that up, pal.

    Never thought we would sink so low as a nation where people could try to justify taking away so much from those who protect us. smh...

  8. One of you anaons called Jason a "spoiled rich kid". That's not class warfare?


  9. Thanks again, anonymous leftist, for confirming what I suspected: the We Are Ohio crowd has no response to the outrageous reality of union boss rhetoric and pay.

    If "Jason is attacking police and firefighters!" is really your best response to my criticism of union bosses paid handsomely out of workers' pockets, you should maybe reconsider your position.

  10. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Jason. Justify your position however you want... Doesn't change the fact that you want to take away benefits from police and fire. On the 10th anniversary of 9-11 no less. Shameful.

    And thanks to you again for being the mouthpiece for kasich and his cronies. He needs minions like you to sell his snake oil.

  11. SB5 still leaves police and fire with special privileges that their private sector neighbors don't have.

    I've YET to hear an explanation why government employees should get a special status over the taxpayers who pay them.

    You never answer that question, so your only resort is "shame on you" and "you hate teachers/cops/etc."

  12. Maybe it's because policemen and firemen put their lives on the line every single day - to protect the public. Maybe that's what makes them different from an accountant or a CEO. I know Bytor is unable to see the difference (she's a little slow) but the majority of Ohio disagrees with her.

  13. So do FBI agents. And soldiers. And sailors. And border patrol agents.

    Those federal workers do not have collecting bargaining powers that police and fire in Ohio would still have.

    Sorry, your guilt trip isn't working on me.

    And referring to me as "she". Grow up. You're beclowning yourself.

  14. The attendance figures?

  15. Red $350 bottle of wine of Paul Ryan (and billionaire friends), red GOP third base blog, Red declining sun of Japan (good tea party though), Red communist chinese, a theme, and while Qaddafi (a true thug) falls under Obama (just like Osama) you call your neighbors thugs. (and Obama did it without a blank 2.4 trillion check or a land based army.) Well, well, well the Libyan rebel leadership suggested that allies would be remebered (us) and not so much allies not as well (China). How sweet the crude. It's not red at all. So about jobsohio, progress report please? Or at least a jobs calculator on this blog. You did it to Ted....do you like it? It's yours; you bought it, literally.

  16. LOL! Libya, Paul Ryan, China?...that's a terrific response to J's post. Boy, he'll never criticize the union bosses again!

    Thank you for the effective demonstration of the intelligence of Ohio's left.

  17. So now you're changing the argument... If you want to debate federal vs state collective bargaining that's a different topic entirely...

    As for what we were discussing, differences between private vs public employees, I see that you have no retort other than to change it to a federal vs state (public vs public) debate. Typical right wing strategy. I'm sure you're just as upset about the lush retirement packages of federal employees, too.

    Bytor, sorry about the female comment, I just made that assumption by the way you rushed so swiftly to Jason's defense... I guess I was wrong about you being a female

  18. This blog has been downgraded to Aa3. - from the people who brought you the AAA Enron rating and the A rating on Lehman brothers (see the governor was associated with an A in his life).

  19. Leave it to Third Base Politics to perpetuate the LIE that public workers pay nothing into their pensions and healthcare.

  20. Leave it to JLM to read something we didn't say.

  21. The inference is there, Bytor.

    "Vote for public workers to pay a small portion of their pension expenses and a small portion of their health insurance premiums."

    The implication that public workers pay nothing into these programs is threaded into a great deal of pro SB5 propoganda.

  22. There is no implication of zero contribution, only minimal contribution.

    Most employees pay around 25% of their health insurance and at least half of their retirement.

    SB5 would increase the amount government employees pay towards theirs, but still nowhere NEAR what most other pay. Thus, it is asking government employees to pay a "small" portion, compared to everyone else.

    This is fact. Not propaganda.

  23. The union thugs are desperate and it shows. Gotta love the fact that the anon liberals who have commented here have absolutely no ability to justify the status quo ante. None.

    Instead they try to use one lackoff-rhymes-with obfustication after another. An assault on the middle class? You're kidding right? The biggest assault on the middle class is the sky high tax rates which beggar working people so that public nipple suckers and get everything for next to nothing.

    Sorry thugs, it looks like the gravy train has pulled out of the station. Go get a real job, like the one I have and pay into your retirement, pay health care premiums equal to mine. Retire when I do and not before. In short face it, either you guys lose your privleges or you face a revolt.

    Take your pick. If the union thugs win American is greece in less than a decade. I don't want that for my kids.

  24. And yeah, I'm truly pissed about the labor costs of the federal government. And those nipple suckers are in our sights too.

  25. So JLM, since you're concerned my honest statement could be inferred as a lie, how do you feel about We Are Ohio's constant insistence that SB 5 takes away bargaining for safety equipment?

    Keep in mind - safety equipment is explicitly allowed for in the bill, and We Are Ohio's dishonesty leaves no room for interpretation.

    ...and, once again, thanks to all lefty commenters for making zero effort to explain the outrageous combination of union boss pay and class warfare captured in the video.


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