Saturday, August 6, 2011

My little union anecdote for the day

So, we're sitting at a stop light in Amherst, where there is a Rite-Aid on the corner. Now, I never shop at Rite-Aid, not even the one in my town. This time, however, there were two picketers on the sidewalk with signs. They were urging people not to shop at Rite-Aid because, *gasp*, their employees weren't members of the UFCW Union (United Food and Commercial Workers). Apparently, according to the signs, Rite-Aid was somehow being unfair to its workers.

So, since the union members were asking us not to shop there, I naturally pulled into their parking lot when the light turned green. As we drove in, I rolled down the window and politely informed the picketer that I never shop here, but I decided to stop and buy something when I saw his sign. I got a kick out of it, but he didn't seem to share my feelings on the matter.

I asked two of the employees in the store what those guys were doing outside. One was stocking shelves and the other checked us out. Both ladies said that the union wanted in the store. I asked them if they wanted to join the UFCW. Both said no. I asked if the other employees in the store were trying to unionize the store. They said no.

Interesting. The employees in the store are not interested in joining the UFCW, yet the union was picketing the store anyway, and falsely proclaiming to passers-by that the store was treating its employees unfairly.

Now, I realize that the UFCW is not a public employee union, and is not directly affected by Senate Bill 5. But its this kind of honesty from labor unions that people need to keep in mind when they see all the coming ads urging them to vote against Issue 2. Don't be fooled. Our state and local governments should be run according to the will of the taxpayers, not the union bosses.

Anywho, on our way out, we held up our 2 full grocery bags full of items we had just purchased, so that the picketers could see that their signs had actually gained a sale for the store instead of discouraging one.

They still didn't seem to appreciate the irony.

Vote YES on Issue 2.


  1. Wow I was undecided on the issue, til I read this. Your general douche like behavior towards people exercising their right of free speech, cinched it for me...

  2. Uhh... yeah. Sure you were. I was exercising my right of free speech as well, no?

  3. Do you have verizon? Are you dropping them because they are union too? Are you gonna buy Hondas or Toyotas only because the UAW is all over a Chevy or Ford, unless you drop all things that are union affiliated, you are nothing more than a loud mouthed hypocrite...

  4. Why do I need to drop all thing union affiliated? Please explain your logic.

  5. It isn't a question of not patronizing union shops. It is a question of preventing MORE union shops, especially since the union's campaign is based on lies.

    Amherst is part of the northern ohio union stronghold. The object of the game is to blackmail the store into unionizing because the other union members driving by supposedly won't cross this "picket line".

    But the story is illustrative of the problem we have with unions: they firmly believe that their ends justify any means up to and including lying.

    I wonder if the guys walking that line are actual union members. My bet is that they are temps from an agency making minimum wage.

  6. I come to this site on a regular basis and I am constantly bombarded with your anti-union hate speech, which you are totally entitled to. However, if you hate unions so much, then why do you spend your money in anything that supports them? Its pretty simple, practice what you preach, and dont support anything union. Otherwise I stand by my statement that as long as you preach anti union, yet continue to support them, then you are nothing more than a loud mouthed blowhard hypocrite...

  7. Get a grip, anonymous. By your logic, I would also "hate" all my friends amd family who happen to be liberal Democrats, just because I disagree with them.

    If that's how you operate, more power to you. No one's forcing you to read our posts.

    You think union harassment of non-union businesses is cool? Most people don't. If you do, good for you! Solidarity brother! You go show 'em!


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