Sunday, August 14, 2011

GOP Presidential Poll

It has been 5 months since we polled 3BP members on their presidential choices. The field looks a lot different now than it did then.

The major change is that the overwhelming 3BP favorite from polls past, Mitch Daniels, is not running. Since then, Mike Huckabee has also announced that he isn't running, and so has Haley Barbour.

At this point in the campaign, we are going to start keeping the polls limited to only those candidates that have officially announced they are running. If Sarah Palin announces she is running, she will be included in the next poll, but for now, she will not be a choice.

That leaves us the 8 choices below, since Tim Pawlenty has withdrawn, and Texas Governor Rick Perry has just officially entered.

Feel free to share the poll with your Republican friends, but only vote once, please. We'll keep it open all week and share the results next weekend. The order of the list of candidates is randomly adjusted.

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  1. Tea baggers love Herman Cain because he makes Barack Obama look like Malcolm X

  2. Such an intelligent comment.

  3. If conservatives are racists, why is it the only ones who constantly bring up the issue of race are liberals?



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