Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shocking. "We Are Ohio" demands full repeal of Senate Bill 5.

Just like the Democrats refused to offer any amendments at all during the legislative process, the We Are Ohio campaign today refused to discuss any type of public employee union reform without full repeal of the bill.
If Gov. John Kasich and Republican leaders want to discuss a compromise on Senate Bill 5, they must first initiate a “fresh start” that begins with a full repeal of the anti-collective bargaining bill.
Their letter to the Governor can be viewed here, again courtesy of Ohio Capital Blog.

It's clear that the unions have no interest in changing anything from the current status quo.

Double-dipping? OK.
How about contributing a little more to their health care and retirements, (but still not anywhere near the levels of their private sector neighbors)? No way!
Keeping it nearly impossible to fire bad employees? More please!
Banking up unused "sick" pay? Keep it coming!
What about reforming tenure and seniority rules so that good, young teachers aren't the first ones to get laid off when the voters say no to more money? FORGET IT!

From the very beginning of this debate, we've reminded you that public employees in Ohio are given a privileged status over the rest of us. And it costs us big time. They will do anything to protect their special status, and will not give an inch.

In other news, the AFL-CIO says they were never part of any negotiations to compromise on the bill.

Photo courtesy AP
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga says the union "has never entered into any series of meetings or negotiations on Senate Bill 5," the controversial collective bargaining law.
Burga issued a statement in response to a Columbus Dispatch article that named him as a union leader who in June participated with representatives of Gov. John Kasich in discussions to negotiate a compromise that would end union-led efforts to repeal the law this fall.
Burga called that report "erroneous."
Surrrrre you didn't. Sounds like someone protecting themselves from backlash from their own membership to me. (Anyone who would stand on a stage with ACORN surely is of the utmost in integrity, no?)

As I predicted yesterday, we are still headed for a vote. It would be silly to repeal the bill without any concessions from labor.
Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols compared the We Are Ohio position to wanting an award check prior to buying a lottery ticket.


  1. Keep up the spin and lies, boys. The majority of Ohioans will speak in November.

  2. Shocking. "Third Rate Politics" defends Kasich's ineptness.

  3. What does SB 5 do about double dipping because you keep mentioning that in just about SB 5. Maybe you should read the bill because it doesn't do a darn thing about double dipping. Nothing.

    No compromise could be done without SB 5, at a minimum, being repealed somewhat. If Kasich truly wanted to take Issue 2 off the ballot and have talks, then they could repeal the bill and give parties time to talk as opposed to the ridiculous less than two weeks we'd have before We Are Ohio can still withdraw their issue.

    The only way Kasich loses leverage is if it has somehow become impossible that they could pass SB 5 again if labor refused to negotiate in good faith.

    Also, yesterday, Niehaus put to rest the utter lie that opponents of SB 5 didn't contribute to changes to SB 5.


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