Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Does Chris Redfern believe the dreck that comes out of his mouth?

Take a look at a recent email from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern.
Dear Supporter,
Republicans will do anything to kill our momentum going into 2012.

Today Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted certified for this November’s ballot the Tea Party effort to deny Ohioans access to affordable health care. They know that Ohioans are appalled at the extremist tactics of Republicans ever since they took office in January, and they are desperately trying to resurrect a political fight based on lies and distortions.

But the truth is simple: Tea Party Republicans are trying to hijack November because they’ve seen regular Ohioans rise up against their attacks on the middle class, women’s rights, voting accessibility.

I see that Redfern still has diarrhea of the mouth. This ridiculous email is so laden with low hanging fruit, that I don't know where to begin.

First off, notice how he implies that "Republican Secretary of State" Jon Husted chose to certify the Health Care Freedom Amendment, based on partisan grounds. Hey Chris, it's Ohio law. If you collect enough signatures, you can put a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. Husted's only choice is to follow and execute the law. Just like he followed and executed the law in putting YOUR ballot initiative up for vote. The further implication that John Husted is a "tea-party Republican" is also preposterous.

Second, there is nothing in Issue 3 that denies health care to anybody. The proposed amendment would simply state that you cannot be forced by the government to buy health insurance, and cannot be fined or punished for not doing so. That's all the amendment states. Redfern knows this, and is intentionally lying.

Third, Democrats have momentum heading into 2012? Really? Today's Gallup tracking poll has President Downgrade at 40% approval, his lowest ever. That's momentum? Obama is already writing off Ohio as a loss in 2012, and Redfern says they have momentum? Hysterical.

Finally, and this is the most amazing one, Captain Redfern says that the Tea Party only put Issue 3 on the ballot in response to the unions getting Issue 2 on the ballot.

Chris, let me ask you something. Are you a moron? Or do you just take your supporters for morons by telling them this in your email to them? Seriously. Because you know darn well that the real grassroots effort to collect enough signatures to put the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment on the ballot, started in early 2010.

We started collecting signatures MONTHS before John Kasich was elected Governor, and over a year before Senate Bill 5 was even passed in the first place. The two issues have nothing to do with each other. You must really think that the supporters on your email list are stupid.

I seriously do not understand how Redfern still has a job.

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  1. The unions and the Democratic party are interested in what is good for them, not what's good for Ohioans. Good riddence to both!

  2. Speaking of momentum, how does the result in WI effect the situation? It seems to me that the unions and the Democrats are on the ropes.

    The poured more than 30 million into some local recall races and only won two. They needed three to gain a majority and fell far short. It was a repudiation of the Democrats and the union's money.

    To me this bodes well for the Ohio situation. First the 30 million spent in WI cannot be spent here. next the commonsense of the public is on display with the election results.

  3. They recalled two Senators for nothing other than opposing working people. A year after a major GOP tide election in the State. They nearly took over a chamber of the legislature on one issue. Yeah, that's some loss.

    The fact is that the Ohio GOP has openly said they wanted to get the health care amendment on the ballot to help SB 5 survive Issue 2. Redfern stated was is a well recognized fact. And yes, people who can't get health insurance are denied access to medical care.

    The Republicans in Congress have the highest disapproval ratings in American polling. Their approval is below the 2006 tide numbers. Kasich is mired in mid-30% approval ratings. Obama is beloved in Ohio in comparison.

    I don't understand why you write about things you obviously know nothing about.

  4. They recalled two Senators for nothing other than asking public employees to chip in a little for their own health care and retirement like everyone else.

    FIFY, Modern.

  5. LOL @ "opposing working people."

  6. I really admire Modern. His (her?) ability to toe the party line is very impressive.

    but all seriousness aside, let's look at the spin here:
    "They recalled two senators" They targeted FIVE. The two they picked up were low hanging fruit, a Republican in a Democrat district and a conservative whose pecadillos made him unattractive to many. Oh and by the way, that tarnished conservative only lost by two points. Nice try on this Modern.

    "They nearly took over a chamber" Yeah, but they didn't. And now the Democrats who fled face a recall next week.

    A ballot initiative that overthrows Obama's socialist we dream is perfectly acceptable. Can you provide proof of the motivations of the Republicans in Ohio Modern? If it is such a well recognized fact that should be no problem for you. I'll be here all week, try the veal.

    And only a liberal would guage the value of policy choices based on popularity polls. The simple fact is that Ohio held a poll in November and that's the only one that counts.

    If Kasich is so vulnerable, why not mount a recall campaign? Think the union biggies and thugs can spare another thirty million for nothing? Again, just too funny.

    and I marvel at you singular inability to argue a point without resorting to personal attack. That's the MO of the American left and all it does, at this point, is demonstrate the indefensibily of their positions.

  7. If Kasich is so vulnerable, why not mount a recall campaign?

    They would if they could. Ohio does not have a recall provision.

  8. No recall? good to know. I am "new" to Ohio so I can't claim an intimate knowledge of the state's election laws.

    It would still be a waste of money, as WI proved.

    Another way to guage the situation is by reviewing the failure rate of local school levy votes. They don't seem to be faring well these days which tells me that the voters think the funding levels are fine as they are.

  9. And the GOP targeted just as many.

    Kasich has an approval rating ten points lower than Walker's.

    And read the Dispatch. Kevin DeWine and others openly admitted that they threw their weight behind the health care amendment, which folks like Senate President Tom Niehaus openly admit is patently unconstitutional and unenforceable, did it to have a counterweight to Issue 2.

    We're about to have another poll in November. Funny thing about democracy that. The most recent election isn't the last one ever.

    Just look at Wisconsin. The GOP went from growing majorities in the legislature to nearly losing it over one issue.

    "And only a liberal would guage the value of policy choices based on popularity polls." Yes, some call this philosophy "democracy."

    What personal attack (as you make one yourself.) Bytor knows better than to accuse Redfern of lying when he knows the ORP only threw their support behind the Tea Party's amendment to counterbalance Issue 2.

    Bytor, again, doesn't know what he's talking about. Union folks chip in for their retirement and health insurance, especially in Ohio.

  10. Modern, the Ohio Project did not have ORP backing. We collected enough signatures on our own and didn't need them.

    There was talk of putting a health care amendment on the ballot via the legislature, but it never happened, and it wasn't necessary, because ordinary citizens like me, Jason and tens of thousands of others got it done.

    Issue 3 is the result of our hard work, not the ORP. We got Issue 3 on the ballot all by ourselves, and we started LONG before Kasich was even elected and SB5 was ever a consideration.

    So its impossible for it to have been in response to Issue 2.

    Redfern's a liar.

  11. "Redfern's a liar." Repeat as necessary.

  12. Modern, you better get used to personal attacks. Here they come. The left destroyed civility in this country via their ten year temper tantrum about Bush. When the left has no problem parading in public with signs depict Mr Bush with a bullet hole in his forehead it had better expect the same.

    Don't believe me boy? Go to the Zombie blog and review his hall of shame. The gloves are off and the heat is on. You liberals made this bed now be gracious enough to lie in it in silence. Few in America are buying leftie rule number one anymore: Do as we say, not as we do.

    I just love how you've swallowed your own BS. Don't choke on your feces pal. "nearly"? yeah right! The simple fact is the Democrat whiners got turned away at the polls. The spend 30+ milllion and have little to show for it. Spin on sonny. It is amazing what people are capable of believing. Like, for example, that liberalism works.

    And again, who gives a rip about popularity polls but feckless liberals? "Any way the wind blows" isn't leadership by any valid definition. So can it pal.

    I asked for a link youngster. Show some proof. Lying is something the liberals do without a care. One more thing that is only possible once you've given up any sense of shame. So either provide a link to a valid source or shut your pie hole.

    Welcome to the new world order Modern. Slash and burn works for both sides.


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