Thursday, March 4, 2010

Governor Envy, Part 937

Today's winner? NJ Governor Chris Christie.

This has been going around the internet a bit the past day or two, but it's so damned good that I had to share it with my readers.

I like to think this gives us a good indication of what to expect from a Kasich Administration's first couple months.

Highlights from a speech to municipal government officials:
And so we need to get honest with each other. In this instance, the political class,for which unfortunately all of us are a member of, the political class is lagging behind the public on this. The public is ready to hear that tough choices have to be made. They're not going to like it. Don't confuse the two. But they are ready to hear the truth.

In fact, they find it refreshing to hear the truth.

They are tired of hearing, don't worry I can spare you from the pain, because they have been hearing that for a decade, as we have borrowed and spent and taxed our way into oblivion.


And so the path to reform and success is clear. We know what it is. We just have to have the courage to go there. What we are doing is showing people that government can work again for them, not for us. Government has worked for the political class for much too long.

There's no time left. We have no room left to borrow. We have no room left to tax. So we merely have room left now, to do this.
And what are his spending cuts and freezes doing to his poll numbers?
Fifty-two percent approve of his job performance less than two months in, while 21 percent disapprove. Support is somewhat divided along party lines, with Republicans backing him 74-7, and Democrats split 38-33. Independents approve by a margin of 43-17 percent. Christie's fav/unfav is now 47 / 25, an improvement from a 41 / 44 split in a poll just before last November's election.
Pretty damn good.

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  1. We might see a whole lot of Christies winning this fall, especially here in Ohio.


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