Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shooting blanks.

Mark Naymik of the Cleveland Plain Dealer is the latest to debunk false accusations against John Kasich.
Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich did not have special access to an investment he reported on his 1999 congressional financial disclosure statement.

The report – which Kasich's gubernatorial campaign now says was filled out incorrectly – led one blogger to suggest Kasich had inside information.


A spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs told The Plain Dealer that nobody could have purchased shares in the fund early because they were not available until October. The spokeswoman said that mutual funds are sometimes marketed to investors before they go on sale but cannot be purchased early. She was still investigating whether the Internet Tollkeeper Fund was marketed early.

So, for those that have lost track, here's the latest tally on the scorecard...

Dems: “John wasn’t involved in balancing the budget.” Dispatch: “Wrong.”

Dems: “John got a sweetheart deal on his house.” Plain Dealer: “Wrong.”

Dems: “Mary Taylor’s an absentee auditor.” Dispatch and Beacon Journal: “Wrong.”

Dems: “John bought funds early.” Plain Dealer: “Wrong.”

How many pieces of fake dog poop do the Dems have to keep throwing at the wall in hopes that they find something? Nothing is working.

Clearly, the Democrats are scared. Why else would they keep pushing lie after lie? They feel their only hope is to smear Kasich before he starts spending money on paid media and takes advantage of an electorate primed to oust Strickland.

Your desperation isn't attractive, Dems. But considering the Governor you're trying to save, I can't say I blame you.


  1. Well, the Dems could be spending their time promoting the record of their incumbent Gov. I wonder why they are not doing that? Hmmm....

  2. Lying carpetblogging Jon Keeling strikes AGAIN!

    The Columbus Dispatch did not conclude that John Kasich was responsible for the balanced budget in the 1990s. It quoted Speaker Gingrich as saying that Kasich was INVOLVED in the budget negotiations at the time.

    The Cleveland Plain Dealer did not say that Kasich did not get a sweetheart deal, it just reported that Kasich and the owner's lawyer/Kasich's lawyer/former business partner claimed he didn't, even though the same seller sold similar lots at substantially more than she sold it to Kasich-- a friend.

    Strickland is running on his record. Income taxes are down 17%, the budget has been balanced every time. Government is smaller now. Regulatory reform. Creating the University System and keeping tuition in check.

    In fact, Kasich's campaign (except for the reckless tax plans and stupid believe that Ohio's unemployment would ease if we just had MORE tort reform) is pretty much about running on what Strickland has ACTUALLY done. See the article in Site Selection magazine.

    Keep trying Keeling. Maybe you'll convince someone other than Scarlet>Fire that Kasich isn't actually losing ground.

  3. Good Gravy...

    Lower Taxes - Continuing a GOP plan.

    Balanced Budget - with one-time "Stimulus" funds.

    Smaller Gov't - by not filling vacant positions.

    Site Selection Magazine - Four years of trophies and still higher unemployment. Where are all the jobs?

    Losing ground? It's March.

  4. Wow, Esquire. Kasich is going to mop the floor with Strickland. Anyone who believes otherwise is just fooling themselves.


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