Thursday, August 6, 2009

Equivocating Portman with Bush. Will it work?

The Hill had an article yesterday that questioned about whether the Bush legacy will help former Bush appointees in their quest for elective office in 2010.
At least eight former staffers who worked for George W. Bush’s administration are running for office.

Even though President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney left the White House with poor approval ratings, aides who cut their teeth in their administration say the experience was invaluable. Still, it is also likely to hamper their electoral bids.
An Ohio name that obviously came up? Rob Portman.

By late October of next year, everyone and their mother in Ohio will know Portman used to work for President Bush.

How much will it hurt? Well, come November 4th of this year we may have a better idea.

Jon Corzine, Governor of New Jersey, is breaking out the big guns and attacking his rival, Chris Christie, by attaching him to George Bush at the hip.

Will it work?

New Jersey, without question, is a blue state. It last went Republican for President 31 years ago. Obama won the state by over 600,000 votes. They have every reason to re-elect a Democrat.

If Christie wins in spite of the Bush-Christie attack ads, we'll be given a preview of the likelihood of success as we move into the 2010 election season.

And I have a feeling Portman has nothing to worry about.

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  1. Portman has a bigger problem than Bush and that is the absolutely stupid $5000 donation he made to Mike DeWine. He should have kept his nose out of that primary because now the far right base is plenty ticked off at him and no longer willing to overlook other things such as the links to Bush.

    I simply cannot believe that Paduchick (sp?) allowed that donation to be made.


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