Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RIP Robert Novak

Robert Novak left an enduring impression on me during my freshman year at Kenyon.

He came to my school to have a 'debate' of sorts with Margaret Carlson. Interestingly enough, both Novak and Carlson had children that went to Kenyon.

Well, in the debate, Novak took Carlson apart with a blend of substance and pugnaciousness that left my young mind swirling and the high concentration of Kenyon liberals stuttering. Afterwards, they both walked over to Peirce Hall for a reception. I finally built up the courage to ask Novak a question - what it was has since drifted from memory.

The look I received in return conveyed one thing - "you're an idiot, kid".

I'm sure he was right.

And it's also a look I've since mastered giving to many.


Rest in peace, Mr. Novak. You provided not only conservatives, but all Americans, a voice for responsibility and freedom. And I thank you.

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