Monday, August 10, 2009

Facts are hard to find. Conspiracies? Not so much.

More from 3BP contributor LetsTalk:

Not to be an RNC propoganda-pusher around here lately, but they are (finally) compiling some good data that has been reasonably difficult to find on the web. If you search for "Obama lies" you find TONS of crazy sites. I'm talking about people that think Obama was born not in Kenya, but in the balkans which qualifies him as a candidate to be the Biblically predicted Anti-Christ and agent of the end of times. Crazies. But some people like conspiracies.

Here is a focused point by point memo with non-partisan facts to back it up (which I have yet to see from the liberals) on Obama's health care pledges. Pretty basic, but infuriating all the same. Pass it around.

Who is really running our country? Pelosi? Waxman? Obama's secret friends that organized his whole presidency to get revenge for the enslavement of Africans in the New World by Spaniards in 1501? (KIDDING)

I hope people talk.

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