Friday, August 21, 2009

Good news for Governor Strickland... least this headline came out the same day as Ohio's unemployment numbers and on a Friday, thereby avoiding a full week of media focus on your ineptitude.

This is how the story looked on the front page of the Columbus Dispatch today. Somewhere, Amanda Wurst is crying.

Rerouting donations for the blind and organ donations to help cover the mess of a budget you put together?


If I had said this was going to happen a week ago, my readers would have guffawed and gone on to the next post. You just can't make this stuff up.
The sight and organ funds, both administered by the Ohio Department of Health, were among about 70 so-called "rotary funds" raided by the Strickland administration for a total of $120 million to help close a $1.9 billion shortfall in the two-year budget that ended June 30. Rotary funds are those supported by fees or donations.
So what are the odds Strickland fires yet another one of his lackeys for this screw up?

Dr. Alvin Jackson, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, you may want to bring a box to work for your personal belongings.

Just in case.

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