Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mary Jo Kilroy hates donut holes.

Or something like that.

Honestly, it's hard to follow this meandering diatribe.

I'm pretty sure it's either about donut holes, a ridiculously healthy cigarette habit(based on the three ashtrays), or a case study on editing video to keep run-on sentences to a minimum.

But, maybe you can ask her yourself tonight.

As a commenter informed me a couple days ago, it turns out Kilroy is having that town hall we've been waiting on. Sorta

Rather than having the courage to allow a real town hall, she's hosting a tele-conference. This ensures much more talking than the listening she promised her constituents.

But, maybe if enough of you register we can be sure to get a tough question in.

Just make sure you ask about donut holes.

Register here.

It begins at 6:50 this evening.

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