Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mindboggling Statistic of the Day

The new generic congressional ballot poll was released by Rasmussen last night.

Most of the discussion later today will be about Republicans being up by 5 points.

But that ain't nothin'.

The money shot? Voters not affiliated with either party prefer Republicans two-to-one - 43% to 22%.

Independents. The demographic every candidate wants to win.

2-1 margin.


The bonus? Women even prefer the GOP by one.

See what happens when we focus on the issues and expose dangerous domestic and foreign policy for what it is?

Furthermore, this goes to show that those clamoring for a GOP savior on a white horse coming to save the day are waiting for the unnecessary. The fact is, when you're this deep in the minority, it's virtually impossible to have one leader take you back to the promised land. It takes a coordinated effort, sure. But a single leader rising up from the pack? Nope.

Keep fighting the good fight. And play smart.

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