Thursday, August 13, 2009

Space hates jobs.

For some ridiculously strange reason, Congressman Zach Space is still touting his support for Cap and Trade. Not surprisingly, Cap and Trade is about as far from a popular issue in his district as is possible.

And now, thanks to the National Association of Manufacturers, we have even more clarification as to why.
Impact on Jobs
The jobs impact of [cap and trade] is delayed by the free allocation of permits and generous carbon offsets. By 2030, as emission reduction targets tighten and other [cap and trade] provisions phase out, Ohio jobs decline by 79,700 under low cost case and by 108,600 under high cost case. The primary cause of job losses would be lower industrial output due to higher energy prices, the high cost of complying with
required emissions cuts, and greater competition from overseas manufacturers with lower energy costs.
There's plenty of other bad news. Check it out here.

Let's hope those in Space's district remember this in 15 months.

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