Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Facepalm Presidency

It's been a long seven months.

But I don't want to talk about that.

Instead, I want to talk about one day in the national news cycle. A day that perfectly defines what Americans have learned about their savior.....er, President....since his inauguration 217 long days ago.


It began simply enough.

"Nobody is going to make any news" is the promise reported from the Obama camp as the President left to enjoy his vacation up in Martha's Vineyard. Now, we're cynical enough to appreciate the impossibility of this claim. After all, we have to learn what the President is reading and what new tricks his mutt has learned. I'm guessing "go fetch $2 trillion" isn't one of them.

And then it began. One after another. Story after story reinforcing why Americans have quickly forced the President's approval rating to plummet.
The Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress have been in a projectile sweat about whether Karl Rove had any influence over the hiring or firing of U.S. Attorneys; the thinking being, if he was in the White House he was always acting and thinking politically. Yet, the Obama White House believes that giving the White House direct control over CIA interrogations will somehow make them more acceptable to the ACLU and the same Democrats in Congress. Bush White House interfering: Bad. Obama White House interfering: Good. What am I missing?

As 3BP contributor Chobemaster said earlier yesterday, "Obama throwing 17k troops into Afghanistan when it takes, say, 27k to get that mission done is egregious. Even if you want to say 'well, Bush did the same thing' and erred on the side of reducing inflammatory presence - OK, let's learn that lesson, then. The same mistake the 2nd time is far worse.
There you have it.

Seven stories in one day that highlight the crisis in leadership that this country is facing.

And I didn't even bring up health care.

It's been a long seven months.

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