Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trains in Ohio are already running late...

....and nothing has even been built yet.

As we've covered before on 3BP, Ohio is very close to obtaining stimulus dollars to fund a rail boondoggle throughout the state.

Well, it turns out Amtrak can't even get their report out on time.
An Amtrak study on restoring passenger train service among Ohio's major cities will be delayed two weeks until mid-September, giving the state a tighter deadline to apply for money from President Barack Obama's stimulus package.
And we're supposed to expect trains to be on time from these schmucks?

As a reminder about how ridiculous an idea statewide rail really is, here is a flashback to a post from a Wednesday back in June highlighting the complete and total lack of demand for such a service...

Here are photo captures from the state's traffic cameras along I-71 at 8:30am this morning. The top being I-71 at Polaris in north Columbus, the 2nd being I-71 and 270 in south Columbus, and the bottom being I-71 and Kings Mills in Cincinnati. There aren't any on I-71 heading towards Cleveland because....well, because who wants to stare at an empty road?

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